Bagger Challenge 2009

2009 Bagger Adventures are be listed here.

10 Points for Effort - Zero Points for the Bagger Challenge

Mid September, the family had planned and hoped to camp at the Frosty trail race and enjoy a last late season camping trip...but circumstances saw us throwing a birthday party for a freshly minted teenager and hauling dirt for the never ending backyard project...

My Conversation With Mallory

Seven Days of Baggery Makes One Weak

I think I have Bagger's Fever.  The symptoms have been particularly acute this past week:

The Bagging of Runners Peak

Sunday 2 August 2009... a date that will go down in the record books for my buddy Rick and me.

It started innocently enough.  With just under a week to go before the STORMY ultras, we thought we'd get in a final shakedown run and bag a peak or two for credit in the 2009 Bagger Challenge.

Wednesday Morning Adventure Run

Last night, I was inspired by stories of barfing runners.

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