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Training as a Layer Cake

My goals for 2008 include winning my age group in the BC ultra series. In order to figure out my baseline, I recently did a tune-up and oil change at the doctor's office and an athletic performance test at the Peak Center.

Running the West Coast Trail in One Day

Attachment past the bottom of this post is my article in the February 2006  North West Runner.  It may be useful for anybody planning a run or a speed-hike on the West Coast Trail, in one day or otherwise.


Speaker Series Well Received

This weeks Speaker evening was well received.  Here is what Action Jackson said afterwards" Thank you so much for your time and insights, Anita.  I've been "sold" on the concept of heart rate and zone-based training for quite a while, but have slacked off a lot over the past few years.  Hearing you speak about all of the advances in knowledge about human performance has got me very excited about getting back on a program.  I'm about to enter a new age category and would love to end this year with some hardware.  While the prospect of having to do inte

New Year Day 50km Training Update

Week 10 of my 18 week training schedule for the Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50km is coming to an end. Time to look at what has been accomplished and what's lacking.

I have never (ever!) followed a training plan, so this has been an interesting experience. I found it very motivating to look at the suggested km and chalk the days off.

Smokin homegrown

Despite how excellent the Grand Canyon FatAss adventure was, there is an definite level of comfort in arriving safely back home. Seeing Sibylle run out into the early Monday morning downpour looking for her husband, last to exit the van in their driveway, was heart-warming. We were more than happy to hand his sick-ass over to his waiting family and head off home ourselves. I was no where near as stiff legged as I thought I would be after the run coupled with the hours upon hours sitting in the van for the return trip.

Dipshit Things to Not Do on an Adventure Run

To kick off what I expect will be an interesting online debate, I'd like to clarify how I see the differences between a race, a run, and an adventure run then look at how to prepare for an adventure run.


Jackson's List - A Handy-Dandy Pre-Race Checklist

I know a guy who forgot to pack his shoes before a running race...not once, but twice!  How often do you freak out the morning of your big event because you can't remember if you packed this thing or that? Well, save the butterflies for the start line!  Here's a little checklist that has served me well and I hope will serve you well, too.

Feel free to comment about this.  Surely you have some suggestions for improvement or questions (e.g. Why pack duct tape?)

Training Plans

Unlike last year, when a nasty bout of bronchitis reduced most of my runs to pitiful shuffles of questionable distance, my training this year is going very well.  So well, that I have been sniffling around for training goals....

Heart Rate Training


HR Montor

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day running a 50K in the rain with Pano Skrivanos.  Pano's a great runner, but until yesterday, he'd never run an ultramarathon.  He picked my brain clean of hints and tips for running ultras during our 6 hours together and that got me thinking about ideas to blog about.

Introducing Curb Ivanic and Ultra Fitness

I would like to introduce Curb Ivanic to members of Club Fat Ass. Curb Ivanic hold’s a Masters degree in Exercise Science specializing in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. He is the owner of Ultra Fitness Coaching & Consulting as well as the developer and co-producer of the Sport Shape Up Running DVD’s (www.sportshapeup.com). His designations include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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