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Seawall100 2013 Nutrition Notes

For all those nutrition nerds out there, this was my strategy for the Seawall 100. In general my diet is pretty good. I avoid sugar, wheat, large amounts of high meg6 rich vegetable oil. I stick to identifiable real foods and avoid processed / junk foods. 

10 days before I bumped up the fat intake to get the body used to keto burning efficiently. 2 days before, I added more quality carbs (such as beer - beer is a quality carb right?) to top up the glycogen tanks. So the hope was that I would be good at burning both body fat and glucose....

Reasons to Run Spaghetti Trees This Year! Victoria, BC Awesomeness!

Come run Spaghetti Trees this year! And enjoy some other Victoria, BC awesomeness!

I can't wait to get back to East Sooke! I had a break from hosting last year but now I'm back and really excited. I love running on the North Shore, but the Spaghetti Trees trails are so different and gorgeous and amazing and I love them and I miss them (we moved to North Van from Victoria in 2011, so now I only run in Victoria for CFA events - but hey, what a good reason to visit!).

Silly Chili Triathlon 2012

Triathlon first leg:  10 starters
Saturday 10 November 2012

Ruminations on an 100-mile Race

As Jason Eades has already done a commendable job describing our Western States adventures, this note will be brief.  On that day, strategy and discipline and luck converged, and we were able to achieve a pleasing result, despite my nasty chest cold, and despite »

On Bonking

This past Saturday was the 9th Annual Seymour Super Fun Run.  Although I signed up for the 27K, I had no intention of running that far.  Saturday was supposed to be the day I cleaned the gutters, raked the leaves and completed other yard work. Have to be responsible, after all.

Jackson's Last-Minute 100-Miler Checklist

Yikes... I signed up for a 100-miler.  One of those stupid, last-minute things we all do from time to time.  Three days till show-time.  'Guess it's time to figure out what to pack!

My success rate in the past at long runs like this has been best if I don't spend my last hours before the start fretting about what I forgot.  Too much energy wasted on worry.

Recipe: Energy Bars

I think I shall use my blog to collect and share my recipes. I'll likely have better luck finding them in future than trying to sort through my recipe box. These are some protein bars that I've been enjoying. They are no-bake and chewy, but you'll want to wrap them in layers so you don't end up with one big blob.

Original recipe came from recipezaar ("Low-Fat Fitness Energy Bars" Recipe #3710) but i have modified the recipe to my preferences (and I refuse to buy protein powder). 

Athletic Turning Points - The Challenge

WRT a recent review of a running book (Born to Run), I belong to a book club.  For the upcoming book club meeting, each member of the club is supposed to write a little story about a "turning point" in their lives. 

Jackson's Planning Template for a Big Race

Blame it on injuries, kids, budget, time or whatever, it's been a while since I participated in a race that really, really meant a lot to me.  

I was so jazzed the first time I ran the Boston Marathon, I couldn't sleep for a full week leading up to it.  At the start in Hopkinton, I was so nervous that I pee'd down my leg.  (Yes, in a big crowd of runners as the announcer counted down!  No, I wasn't the only one, either!) 

Special Workshop Rate for CFA members

Hello fellow fat-assers,

I still have some spots available for my Healthy Eating Workshop this Saturday in Vancouver.  The regular cost is $99 but as a special rate for CFA members you can get in for $50!  I will be covering the topic of sports nutrition and how to use nutrition to get the most out of your body for your runs and workouts. 

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