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Athletic Turning Points - The Challenge

WRT a recent review of a running book (Born to Run), I belong to a book club.  For the upcoming book club meeting, each member of the club is supposed to write a little story about a "turning point" in their lives. 

Ultra Based Adventure Thriller - From Ice to Ashes

This just crossed my desk and might entice some of you:

Who would expect an ultra race would be used to launch an attack against the United States? No one, until it happens, on the fictional trail of the Yukon Arctic Ultra.

XS-NRG screening Saturday 2 pm matinee, Marathon Shuffle Sunday

Please consider making time for a unique experience, a 2:00 pm matinee at the Patricia Theatre next Saturday, April 24 for the World Premiere of the extreme-adventure documentary XS-NRG (pronounce Excess Energy), starring remote sections of breathtaking Powell River backcountry via the Sunshine Coast Trail - as well as four lads from the lower mainland. 

Rieveley's Pond Shelter

DV hook-up?

After yet another wonderful CFA event, I am still none the wiser about where exactly to look for a Spaghetti Tree!

I know where to see some of the most awesome coastal views in the World, I now know six or seven more wonderful fun running people, and I am eternally grateful to the weather Gods who let us have our fun in mild calm and mostly sunny conditions.

The only thing that is keeping ALL my ducks from being nicely lined up is next week-ends trip to the Mainland...

Bagging Mappers Need Only Apply

I'm looking for a few Baggers for a little experiment.

It's a simple experiment.  If successful, the outcome will be a better world for all Baggers, past and future.

EB News!

The 50K has been chosen as the National Championships, so this is the year to see how you stand amongst the contenders for this title.

On line registration available on the Harriers website.


Don't leave it too late!

On the Olympics and Training - Compete or Complete?

The 2010 Winter Olympics have impacted my training.  What inspiration!  What a party! 

Seeing world class athletes at peak performance in the most competitive events in the world has caused me to think about what could have been and what can still be.

Celebrate Winter "Fun on the Trails" in British Columbia & Win a Whistler Nordic Getaway!

Some of you might be interested in this photo contest - prizes are great:

Win a Whistler Nordic Getaway, a Silver Star Weekend Warrior Ski Camp, or a B&B retreat at The Hills Health Ranch!

The Olympic Torch

Yesterday was a big day:  I got to see the Olympic torch relay as it wove its way through my neighborhood, I got to hold the torch and hang-out with the torch-bearer... and I got a workout in on the spin bike at the gym!

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