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Jackson's Last-Minute 100-Miler Checklist

Yikes... I signed up for a 100-miler.  One of those stupid, last-minute things we all do from time to time.  Three days till show-time.  'Guess it's time to figure out what to pack!

My success rate in the past at long runs like this has been best if I don't spend my last hours before the start fretting about what I forgot.  Too much energy wasted on worry.

---> Reward <---

For information leading to the location of the elusive Tunnel of Love.

With reference to a Club Fat Ass Flash event that I unsuccessfully attempted to organize a few times over the past few years, I have reason to believe there is a tunnel of some significance near Crown Mountain in the hills above North Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

4-Bagger for Katzman, Repta and Jackson

Please chalk-up four (4) peaks (MAR, UNN, HOL, STR) for Ran Katzman, Wade Repta and Ean Jackson as they celebrated the last day of July 2010 by completing the Cypress Sweep

Note:  Given that Ran and Wader summited Black Mountain during the KneeKnacker this year, should also get credit for it.

The Cypress Sweep

In the interest of maximizing the bagging pleasure in the most efficient manner, Ran, Wade and I would like to contribute this six-hour four-Bagger for your consideration.

Here's the big picture:

Peaks:  MAR, UNN (See Howe Sound Crest/Brittania Range) and HOL, STR (Cypress Group.)  May also want to include BLA for a 5-Bagger.

The Cueball Conundrum

Bothered by Bald Guys.  Pestered by Pink-Headed People.  'Wasn't sure exactly how to call this? 

Anyway, 2 bald guys have been ganging-up on me and I'm really not sure what to do about it?  Paul Cubbon and Jason Eads, if you're looking for names.

My first thought was to ignore them.  This has actually bought me some time, but has not resolved the underlying issue.  You see, they want me to run 100-miles with them.

My Weekend as Domestique

Views during the Fat Dog 100 Miler

Hot Dog Belt?

 This is hilarious:

ULTRA RUNNER from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

Live Twitter Feed for Kneeknacker!


Stay Cool, Kneeknackers!

Good luck to all the Kneeknackers tackling the "knarliest 30miler out there" on Saturday.  I'll be at my customary position as Cleveland Dam aidstation caption at the half way point to cheer you on, fill your water bladders and if needed, give you a kick in the rear.  Stay cool out there!  Drink early, drink often!

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