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Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

2006 - Year 3 - Bill's Great Peak - Results

North Shore Enduro - 6 Hour Run and Relay

The 4th annual North Shore 6-hour Enduro was run under perfect conditions. The sun was shining, the temps were cool, and 31 participants eagerly toed the line to start a day's work on the trails. Randy Hunter's 8-lap record is safe for now, but Mark Lesack and Bill Dagg grinded out 7.

Musings of a converted Fat Asser

There were two questions that immediately came to mind when my friend Pete talked to me about running the "Fat Ass 50" on New Year's day 2006.  The first was why would you admit to having a fat ass?- after all I have spent many years of concealment and skillful dressing to disguise this fact; - and the second question was - why would I want to run 50kms on New Year's day after a night of partying and drinking?

Fat Ass 2006... WOW !! I need a bigger shovel

If I am going to "dig deeper" (or better yet dig a hole to crawl into and die) I am going to need a bigger shovel, cause this ain't working now... Those were just some of the thoughts rolling through my head from about the 40 km mark on...

Pure Satisfaction Photos

Craig did not only host and run the Pure Satisfaction, he also was the official photographer. Check out the pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/19621215@N00/sets/1592485

You said it...

Thanks to everybody who answered the Capilano Night Run Post Event survey. Below is a collection of your feedback and my response to it:

Date (day of week, time of year, conflicts with other events...)

Capilano Canyon Night Run - Event Report and Results


2005 Starters - More photos in the photo gallery

Gluttons for Punishment

This weekend saw a Club Fat Ass first with 2 events hosted at the same day and two Club members participating in both events. The Monty went off without a glitch in beautiful Gowland Tod Provincial Park near Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. Doug Bodnar and Geoff Palmer took on the challenging 25km Half Monty, hopped on the ferry back to the mainland and arrived in time - well, Doug almost made it in time ;-) for the Midsummer Night version of the 7th Capilano Canyon Night Run. They definitely qualified for the "Gluttons for Punishment" category.

Monty first report

Seven souls turned up good and early for the first running of the Monty. We all ran the short course today, Ludo did an amazing job today and romped home in a blistering 2:25:28, he was gamely pursued by Peter Erickson of Ocean River , Unfortunately Peter rolled an ankle trying to catch the flying Frenchman, He had 2:35:33 on his clock, third man in was Pano Skrivanos of IRR, he was telling me about his runs on Mt. Newton, he hung with Geoff and I for the first two hours, then when I told him we had 30 mins.

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