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Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

2008 Results - Squamish B2B


Sunday Runners (Left to Right): Rick, Steve, Carlos, Tim, Rea, Bill and Dave

2008 - Year 4

Of 15 starters for the full 100 km we had 8 finish. That's the most out of 4 years. It was an incredible day on a slightly challenging course. Thanks to everyone for participating and especially the crews!

Bonkfest Report

Well, that was an interesting experience.

I learned a few things from the Host's perspective which I'll get into detail a little later.

6:54am: I get a call from Rob wondering where I am (as I'm doing 70km/h on the Mamquam FSR) Note to self: Make sure your family knows to call 911 instead of calling you in case of emergency and try to maintain some sense of self control when going to a BBQ the night before an event, especially if you're the event Host.

2008 - Enduro Year 6

Karl Running in the 2006 EnduroReport: The Sixth running of the North Shore 6- Hour Enduro was a success. We were very lucky with the weather as the anticipated rain held off. However it was cold for those in the gazebo (Wade and Danielle). In all 18 people ran at least 1 lap of the course. Once again Randy Hunter's record of 8 laps in 5:39 is safe, and possibly untouchable. Mark Lesack picked up his second victory at the Enduro by running 7 laps in 5:22. Good to see some new faces, hope you enjoyed the event. Special thanks to Kintec for their support. Danille from Kintec came out to aid the runners and keep a frozen Wade (time keeper) company.
Around ten of us showed up at the pub, everyone received a prize (Thanks to our sponsors Kintech and Trailrunner Magazine!). Now the bad news. My camera did not work. I'm disappointed because I have a group photo from each year.

Photos: To Andy's dismay, his camera was not cooperating. If you have any images of the day, please upload to Flickr.com, add to the CFA Flickr group and tag with Enduro2008 NorthShoreEnduro2008 NorthShoreEnduro and ClubFatAssEvents.

Hyson's Hijinks Race Report

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this out, giving the play by play on a 34 hour run takes almost as long to write as to run. Let this be your warning - the report is not short.

Run To the Clouds 2008 Results

12 April 2008 - Starter Photo
32 Starters - 32 Finishers

Spring Bunny Hop - 2008 Results

5 April 2008: Starter Photo - 2 happy starters and finishers!

Beautiful blue sky and snowy trails all around. The temperature to start is about 3 degrees as we wait 15 minutes, but to no avail, we have a no show (the sanest of the group no doubt).

The Spring Bunny Hop Results 2008.

Beautiful blue sky and snowy trails all around. The tempeture to start is about 3 degrees as we wait 15 minutes, but to no avail, we have a no show (the sanest of the group no doubt). Off we hop down the trail, Peter and I, wondering if this is a mistake, should we be on skiis or shoeshoes, to late we've started this run called the Spring Bunny Hop. It's got to be spring somewhere but not here,usally here the trails are pretty much bare this time of year but as we find out we're in deep, up to 24 inches of snow, that's above my knee.

JDFT 2008 Flash report

So, we made it through! Huge thanks to Brad Holmes.(CFA member) Seven of us started six of us did the whole thing,he did an out and back from BOTH ends plus all the driving! Jeff,Bob,Ludo,Carolyn,Stas,Brad and I, set off as planned at 7:30 from China Beach. Not knowing what to expect, we were happy to see most of the classic trail,plus some creative blowdown bypassing, plus a huge amount of bonus mud! The weather couldn't have been better, and hats off to Jeff for making the tidal calculations, so vital on this trail.

2008 - Year 3 - Burnaby Mountain Run

9 March 2008 - Starter Photo
12 Starters - 12 Finishers

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