CFA Event Reports and Results

Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

Pure Satisfaction All Time Results 2008

This table holds the all time results from 2003 to 2008. Were you there?

Are you joining us in 2009? Sign up here. Then have fun.

2009 Seymour Super Fun Run Report - Midwest U.S. Style!

My wife, Lauren, works on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday – every year. It’s a bit of a bummer, but that’s the way it goes. This year, like usual, I was faced with deciding what to do with my 4-day weekend. It’s typically a choice of: (A) driving from my home in St. Louis, MO to visit my mother in Arkansas, or (B) staying in the St. Louis area to spend the holiday with my Dad & his side of the family.

Seymour Super Fun Run - 2009 - Year 8

Starter Photo - 28 November 2009

2009 November - Foolish Gerbil 100 Mile Trail Run - Results

A determined group of 8 runners started out at 9:00 am to run a loop or two ...or 16 at the Foolish Gerbil 100 Mile Run.  The air was crisp but the skies were dry for a moment and at least for the first three loops it never rained hard.  By the 3rd loop the eight runners had picked up 5 more Foolish Gerbils. 

Chilly Willy 2009 Results

Race report for Chilly Willy 100. Better late then never. I have been waiting for the results of the relay groups and list of names but they seem to be fast on running and slow on submitting. They certainly know how to have a good time so I'll make an exception for them "Kal RATS" this time

Go Deep Results - 2009

14 November 2009 - 15 Starter

2009 Silly Chili Triathlon

More photos are posted to this slideshow.

The Run.  13 starters.  All finished.  When we met at Griffin gym, it was pouring, but the rain mercifully stopped for an hour as we did intervals on Mosquito Creek trail.  Keegan Freeland was the speedster of the group.

Full House at Annual Adventure Slideshow and Year End Social

It was a full house last night for the Club Fat Ass Adventure Slideshow and Year End Social at Kintec Footlabs in North Vancouver.  Members, members-to-be, spouses and friends, kids and dogs came out to share stories and photos of their outdoor adventures over the past year.

"Rain, No Train" Jackson kicked off the evening by recognizing the people and businesses that support the Club. 

The Baggers Banquet - My New, Official, End of the Summer

This past Friday was the first day of the rest of my year. 

I was at a business function for most of the day.   People I'd not seen for a while would come up to me and ask, "What's new?"  All I could think to say was, "It was an awesome summer, but sadly, it ended yesterday."

Given that Friday fell in the fourth week of October, more than one person was left scratching their head. 

2009 Seawall 100 - Results

24 October 2008 - 8 morning starters

Event Report (written by Gilles Barbeau)

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