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April 2011 - Foolish Gerbil 100K Trail Run Results


2011 Spaghetti Trees Results


Spaghetti Trees by the Token Male

This was my second running of the soon to be Spring "Classic".

Kate had managed to convince the weather Gods to shine on us.

I was running with four well prepared women, the nuclius of which was my Sunday long run group, plus one brave newbie to CFA and my group of "usual suspects".

2011 Spaghetti Trees Results

2 April 2011  - Starter Photo
 8 Starters - 8 Finishers
(none of whom are looking at the correct camera... very appropriate to this event!)
(comment from teagirl's husband: WHAT THE HE** ARE YOU WEARING!? Sigh. Good grief. Can't let you out in public...)


Thunder and Lightning snowshoe

Could not have had a better day and even the low turnout could not dampen our spirits. The rebel I am, I broke one Club Fat Ass rule. Yes I marked the trail, but the sweep removed al the flagging, so nothing was left behind. We had only one runner attempting the 23km, but unfortunately Ward had to pull out early, due to injury, hope you are ok. The rest of us did 13 km, Rob and Kandra (hope I spelled your name right) got there late but managed to hook up with us, completing about 10km. Thanks for the pics  Kandra.

2011 - Year 10 - Spring Mountain Highway Madness

Run To the Clouds 2011 Results

Run To The Clouds Starter Photo - Club Fat Ass Trail Run 

6 March 2011

Run Report - Flash Burnaby Mountain Down Up Run (BMDUR 1102)

Where: Burnaby Mountain
When: Feb 28th; planned: 6:15/ actual: 6:30pm.
Start Location: Deli/coffee tables at Nester's at SFU.

Run Report for Flash Burnaby Mountain Down Up (BMDUR 1101)

Where: Burnaby Mountain

When: Feb 21st 6:30pm.

Start Location: Deli/coffee tables at Nester's at SFU.

Weather Conditions: Snowy, Cool [the thick fog had cleared by 6:30pm]

Trail Conditions: Snowy, but not TOO snowy :)

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