2009 T-Shirt (the "navy" and "blue bell" long-sleeve year)

The 2009 Club Colors

Last year's no-stink, long sleeve club colours were so popular, we repeated in new colours.  Member, Vanessa Fors, pulled it off again.  She oversaw buying the fabric, laying the pattern, cutting the fabric, printing the labels (and cutting them) and making sure everything came together in the end.  Thanks, Vanessa!  

Our exclusive label is be called "FatAssWear." This special edition garment will be made only for Club members. A one-time order was placed early in January 2009, so only those members who have paid their 2009 club dues by then will get them. Ya snooze, ya loose . . . (as some unhappy campers learned)

Members signing up any time in 2009 will receive the classic black or blue club shirt.

The 2009 Poster Children

Our 2009 Poster Children are St. Louis residents, Jason and Lauren Eads. We met both of them when they came up to Vancouver to participate in the North Shore Enduro May 2009 and are happy to have them represent Club Fat Ass in Missouri.  You can read about Jason's MO-AR Trek here.

Introducing FatAssWear
  • Designed by Club Fat Ass member Vanessa Fors, cut, sewn and screened in Vancouver
  • Made of 100% antibacterial Chitosante Interlock polyester microfibre
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Durable and washable, piling resistant, breathable
  • Odour resistant non-toxic, antistatic, fast drying
  • Moisture wicking
  • Long sleeved
  • Blue Bell with fuchsia screening for the girls and a navy with lime green screening for the boys
  • Mens shirts have a classic fit for comfort (available sizes M-XL)
  • Womens shirts feature a form fitted cut (available sizes S-L)
  • Fabric has a bit of stretch and fits very nicely

On the front of the t-shirt:

The Club Fat Ass porker logo. Subtle and informative, enough to turn heads and prompt the question, "What's Club Fat Ass?" from the cashier in the grocery store checkout line.

On the back of the t-shirt:

"I may be a fat ass, but I'm in front of you!"
"www.ClubFatAss.com "
"free events for active people"
Provocative, but tasteful. It answers the question, "What is Club Fat Ass", but barely. The cashier checks out your butt.

On the right sleeve: