Flash - Yet another bash at the JDFT coming up!

23 Jun 2007 10:00
23 Jun 2007 15:00

Are you able to get off work and get over here for Saturday morning?

Dear Trail runners,
I am organizing yet another trail run on Saturday June 23rd, this time I want to run the stretch of the trail from Port Renfrew South.

The plan is to meet at the Botanical Beach Trailhead @ 10 am and run for 2.5 hours out then turn and return.
There will be fast people and slower trailers so the out and back format ensures that no-one get left for the bears ( just kidding!)

I have a pair of walkie-talkies which were a lot of fun last time, and could be real handy should someone get injured. Bring snacks and drinks. There is no water on the trail unless you want to dip into the creeks.

Bring a camera and your most optimistic frame of mind. Obviously if you want to hike, instead of run, you will cover way less distance and you could always turn before the half way point. It's all good. Be there or be square. Jackal

Photos of last years JFT run


Ean Jackson's picture


Hey Jackal,

Is that a photo from this year or one of the big fishies we saw last year? 

I'd love to join you, but expect to be pulling out black toenails and prodding the walking wounded while you skip along the muddy trails.  Here's to some sunshine for you!

No shark...

That was the picture that we took last year off Sombrio Point.

I really wish I had my digi-cam that day and not my disposable camera. I could have taken a movie for Youtube! 

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