Speaker Event - Slideshow (Stein Valley Run, Grand Canyon Run, Chilko Challenge)

4 Nov 2008 19:00
4 Nov 2008 21:00
975 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC Canada

What: Join our sponsor and Business Member, Kintec, and Club Fat Ass for a slideshow of outdoor adventures and a Club social wrap-up of the year.

We start out with an opportunity to mix and mingle, meet old and new members and those sitting on the fence ;-)  There will be a slideshow of images from past CFA events running in the background.

The focus of the evening will be a slideshow of several CFA adventure runs:

  • R2R2R (Running the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim)
  • Chilko Challenge - a 3 day self-supported mountain biking race in the Northern Chilcotins
  • Traversing the Stein Valley and the elusive "First Bagger" opportunity

The slideshow is free and everyone is welcome.

Registration: Free for members and non-members of Club Fat Ass.  Pre-registration is required so we have enough food at the aid stations!

Other: For more information please feel free to contact Danielle at Kintec 604-980-5633.


Sibylle's picture

Thank You!

What a fun evening. 

Thanks to Kintec, Graham, Ryne and Danielle for hosting complete with Pizza, cookies, pop and wine.

Thanks to the speakers (Glenn, Graham, Ean, Des, Colin and Mike) for sharing their adventures and presenting their photos.  I am glad you are all still alive ;-)

Thanks to the members, friends and the couple from Ontario who joined us and made the evening a success.

Ean Jackson's picture

Very nice evening!

I found last night to be one of the most rewarding evenings I've had in a long time. Very interesting adventures.  Fabulous photos.  Low key and intimate, supportive environment for everyone in attendance.

Seems to me there were just over 30 people present... many of the usual suspects, but nice to see some new faces, too... at least one couple was in from Ontario. (Non-runners.  They told me later they thought we were all nuts!)

Many thanks to Graham and Sibylle for going to the trouble to make the event happen. The speakers were awesome.  It was very cool how several people in the audience had either participated in one of the adventures or another and had something to add, or hoped to participate one day and had great questions. 

Very nice touch to surprise everyone with an outstanding aid station complete with pizza and wine, Graham!  

You all inspired me to start planning the adventures I want to have in 2009.  I'll put my draft goals up as the first contribution to the New Years Resolutions contest.  This is a good kick in the pants to get off my butt and start thinking about kicking some butt!  (Melcher, we're on for the bet.  90 minute spot.  Chuckanut, Dirty Duo or Diez Vista 50K... you pick.)

I hope there are more evenings like this!

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