Speaker Event - GPS Seminar

24 Jun 2009 18:30
Kintec Footlabs store, 975 Marine Drive (Between the Capilano Mall and Chapters), North Vancouver, BC Canada


Who: Active folks who like to play in the woods.  People who are thinking of buying a GPS.  People who have recently bought a GPS, but who may not be quite sure how to use it effectively.

What:  90 minute seminar followed by a social gathering at the pub next door.  

Speaker: We are very fortunate to have Allan McMordie of the North Shore Search and Rescue as our speaker.   Allan has lived, hiked and skied on the North Shore since his teen years, which is several decades ago now.  He has been a member of the volunteer North Shore Rescue Team for thirty years and has participated in hundreds of searches and rescues during that time.

Professionally, Allan is a Software Consultant working in the field of Business Intelligence.  You may have also seen him wearing his kilt and playing his bagpipes in one of the local parades with the J. P. Fell Pipe Band or playing his small pipes in a pub with his Irish Ceilidh Group.  He's also the host of the Run for the Haggis, a Club Fat Ass event that is sometimes held around Robbie Burns Day.

  Kintec Footlabs in North Vancouver.  Just off Marine Drive near Chapters/Taylors Crossing

When:  Wed 24 June in the evening  7:00 to 8:30 (doors open at 6:30 and we will start promptly at 7:00)

How much:  Free.  We hope you will consider making a donation to NSSR out of consideration for Allan's time and the good work the NSSR does to help folks like us when we get into trouble.  Donations are accepted online here - or in person via cheque at the event.

  There will be chairs for about 40 and room for a few more to stand.  Please register if you plan to attend and would like a seat.  Please don't register if you are "thinking about it", as this is not fair to those who are keen and comitted.   You are welcome to drop in at the last minute, but please understand that those who have preregistered go to the front of the line. 

Everyone is welcome.  Please share the invite via the "share" function below.  To register, please click here.


  • 5min   - speaker introduction
  • 10min - What's a GPS and why should you care
  • 10min - Different types of GPS:  handheld, wrist, automobile, mobile phone
  • 30min - hands-on.  How to use a GPS
  • 20min - how to map  (e.g. mapping your CFA event route.)
  • 20min - Q&A
  • for those interested in continuing the conversation, we will reconvene at Taylor's Crossing pub next door.


This seminar assumes no knowledge of GPS devices.  Beginners and intermediate GPS users are highly encouraged to bring their devices with them.  There will be some extra devices on hand.


Practice makes perfect!  Put to use what you learn in a free, fun-filled GPS Scavenger run on Sunday 5 July.  There will even be prizes!


Craig Moore's picture

that was great

thanks Ean and Sibylle for putting this on. Allan had a perfect presentation for newbies like me and also had good answers for the more GPS aware in the audience. I'm not rushing out to buy a receiver yet but I sure know an enormous more about what and how to choose. And thanks to Kintec for hosting once again. It's a nice venue for us. By the way, since it's your event you're welcome to assign CFA points as you see fit.

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