Our hope is to make this event totally self-supporting. In other words, do all of the organization beforehand and also participate. This would be an impossible dream without a lot of behind the scenes help. Many thanks to:

MEC and Nestle - Thank you for making sure that our aid station was well-stocked with PowerBars and PowerGels!

Kintec Footlabs

Thank you  for the awesome recognition prizes and participating in the run.

Trail Runner - www.trailrunnermag.com/
Thank you for the gift subscriptions to your popular magazine as draw prize. Also for offering members of Club Fat Ass a special discounted subscription price

Sibylle Tinsel - Club Fat Ass www.ClubFatAss.com: Club Fat Ass helps the race with web hosting, online registration and coaches us on how to host a safe, fun, environmentally-friendly event.

Please contact us with your thoughts.