Courses and Categories

There are three categories for the Capilano Canyon Night Run: Short (about 13K with a slow, guided group), Long (close to 16K) and Crew.

The Crew category is for friends and family, so they are not excluded. Please be aware that the party starts late, so probably is not the right venue for your little ones. There will be no babysitting and the host's children are hopefully in bed.  Both runs are loop courses that start and finish at the same place and have been designed to take approximately 90 minutes to complete. The long route is technically challenging, even during the day.  The short route offers less technical trails and is perfectly suited to the first time night runner. If you opt for the group run, please stay with the group.

We really don't want you to get lost. Please make sure you print out the appropriate course description and bring it and a plastic baggie to protect it with you on the evening of the night run. Better yet, train on the course during the day and bring the directions!  We're quite confident that the instructions are correct, but if you do find an error, point it out to us and we'll buy you a beer!