Saturday 16 February 2013


Have dinner. Check the weather. Print off this agenda and your route instructions


Arrive at the start - Griffin Rec Center (click on the link to see an interactive Google map), North Vancouver. Check-in.


Welcome and final briefing






First finishers


Pool / hot tub party starts - Harry Jerome Rec Center


Last finishers (hopefully!)


Rec Center closes

21:30 First people show up for potluck party


End of party

Potluck Party

In past years, the potluck party has been the high point of the evening. We're hoping it continues to reflect the individuality, the creativity and the community side of our running friends and Club Fat Ass members.

While we have a handle on how many people will be running and a rough estimate of friends and volunteers, it's tough to estimate the food and drink for everyone who will join in the potluck party. Moreover, each person has their own food and drink preferences and of course, appetite.

What can you count on? Coolers, ice, a stove, a barbeque, microwave and other kitchen stuff, some soft drinks and basic party munchies. What should you bring? Enough food to cover your appetite and drink for your thirst. Here are some thoughts from previous years:

  • papadans and coriander chutney
  • spicy pot stickers
  • Pad Thai
  • hot wings
  • sushi
  • cheese plate
  • homemade blackberry and cinnamon pie
  • ice cream
  • ginger cookies
  • spinach salad
  • day old Timbits, stale nacho chips, burnt pizza (these are mentioned last for a reason!)

Important Addresses

Start/Finish. Griffin Recreation Center. 851 West Queens Road, North Vancouver. From the upper levels highway (Highway #1) take Westview Drive 3 lights north to Queens Avenue. Go left until you reach the Rec Center. Take the lower drive (next to the river) into the parking lot next to the soccer field. (#1 on the map below)

Hot Tub Party. Harry Jerome Recreation Center. Lonsdale Avenue and 23rd Street, North Vancouver. From the finish, take Queens Road east to the end. Go right (south) and over the highway. The entrance to the rec center is just under the concrete pedestrian bridge opposite Kentucky Fried Chicken. (#2 on the map below)

Potluck Party. 3515 Fairmont Road. From the pool party, head back to the run start/finish. Go up Lonsdale to Queens and turn left. Continue 2 blocks past the Rec Center to Thorncliffe Street. Go right. At the school yard, go right. It's the yellow house at the top of the street on your left. (#3 on the map below)

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What to Bring?

  • Aid. (Whatever food, water or electrolyte drink you need for a 90-minute run. If you expect and are prepared for no external aid, you may be pleasantly surprised... but do not count on it!
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • consider to bring a foil emergency blanket and your cell phone
  • Official timing system. (A watch will do, even if the second hand doesn't work.) Please be sure to keep track of your finish time and to give it to the timekeeper.
  • Something to guide you through the night. (Flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries) No, it is not obligatory, but most people find it helps! (Note: Competitive former record holder Steve Bazin didn't use a light, but he knows the North Van trails so well he can run them blindfolded. Mike Parks, on the other hand, did it blind and wished he remembered a flashlight)
  • Change of clothes. Very important, as you will undoubtedly be cold and wet. Bathing suit. Shower stuff.
  • potluck dish

Pre- and Post-Event

  • park in the lower parking lot behind the Rec Center before the event.
  • Adjourn to Harry Jerome Recreation Center at 23rd and Lonsdale (604 987-7529). Entry is $4.50. Showers, hot tub, sauna and pool, but only until 10:00
  • runners, volunteers, friends and family are encouraged to meet afterwards for what in the past has proven to be an absolutely awesome potluck party. We'll recognize the great accomplishments of the night run, share war stories, photos, gather stats and otherwise enjoy the evening. Recommend you get a sitter for the kids, as it will be quite late. Details and potluck suggestions above

Other Notes

  • please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • please, please, please do not drop litter on the trail. (Consider picking it up if you find any.)
  • this event is not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event. It's a party!
  • be sure to bring a copy of the course directions for the event you are attempting. We recommend you put them in a baggie so they don't turn to mush.