Marathon Shuffle - 2013


Report: The 20th annual Marathon Shuffle brought out the participants like never before. A record-setting 184 participants gathered early on a crisp Sunday morning under a broken sky. Soon the rain of the previous day was forgotten as the brisk westerly blew away the remaining clouds. The Shuffle, a now popular rite of spring hosted by the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society and their friends, is a hike or a run on a 29-kilometre long section of the Sunshine Coast Trail from Malaspina Road near Lund to the Shingle Mill pub and bistro on Powell Lake.

The 12-kilometre long Half Shuffle from Wilde/Tomkinson roads proved that it has indeed continued growing in popularity. Nearly 100 set out from above the Appleton Bridge, including a baby less than a year old. Apparently 12 km is old hats to her.

Forty-five participants came from out of town, mostly from the Lower Mainland and the Island, but some from as far away as Australia and Germany. They came to see what all the buzz was about and maybe to claim some bragging rights. They found the Shuffle section of Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail technically challenging, and the local runners were stingy in giving up the top spots. In fact many had been training hard and owned the podium, in a manner of speaking. Craig Dunbar came first in the men's divistion with a 2:45 time, and Val Smith took the women's division with a personal best of 3:43. People were impressed with the trail, the stations, the volunteers, the refreshments and the atmosphere. We noted an interesting and welcome development. The greatest growth in attendance came from those in their twenties and thirties.

This year we began preparing three months before the start of the Shuffle. It was a busy time for the maintenance crews that accumulated just under a 1000 man-hours whacking, scraping and raking the route into tip-top shape. The crews began shuffelizing the route - clearing undergrowth two feet or more on either side of the tread, and leaving the appearance of a mossy carpet. Still more red metal squares were added this year. The advise bearing in mind when hiking it independently is that if you don't see a marker within 15 - 30 seconds from the last one you must be off trail. Stop and look around. Retrace your steps and soon you will find where the trail took a turn that you missed. Also be careful when coming upon a road and carefully look around for markers. 

The Shuffle organizing committee learned from last year’s comments, started early, and was excellently prepared on the day of the event. Of course they learned some more new things this year that they will adopt and implement for next year’s event to make that an even better experience. PRPAWS does appreciate getting constructive feedback that helps us improve as we strive to become a world-class destination. We have received many positive and constructive comments after the event.

Now hikers or runners can simply head out to Malaspina Road and do a Shuffle at their own leisure, or go up Wilde/Tomkinson roads to do the less strenuous, but no less equally beautiful Half Shuffle along the Sliammon Lakes and over panoramic Scout Mountain.

A Thank You ad will be published separately in the Powell River Peak newspaper, a gesture of PRPAWS’ sincere appreciation of the 30 volunteers and the numerous generous donors who helped make this year’s Shuffle yet another record-smashing success.

Other reports: Paul Prussner from BCAdventuresWest took some beautiful photos of the day and the scenery.  You can view them here: http://bcadventureswest.com/?page_id=491

Photos can be posted to Flickr, added to the CFA Flickr group and tagged with MarathonShuffle MarathonShuffle2013 ClubFatAssEvents2013  ClubFatAssEvents, instruction on how to do this are here.

If you follow the instructions above, your photos will be added to the slideshow below (if you do not have Flickr, but would like to share your photos with other particpants, please send them to Eagle):

More photos are posted on the Sunshine Coast Trail Facebook page here.  
Post Event Survey. Please give us your feedback via this brief survey:http://www.clubfatass.com/events/marathon-shuffle/posteventsurvey

Results: Please let us know if you find any mistakes, wrong times, distances, misspelled names, etc.

Time Last Name First Name Gender City Event
2:45:36 Dunbar Craig male Powell River 29km
2:59:55 Klassen Cam male New Westminster 29km
3:01:56 Sloan Mark male Powell River  29km
3:02:29 Aris Ryan  male Victoria  29km
3:04:00 fader byron male powell river 29km
3:15:28 Miller Alston male Powell River 29km
3:22:21 Nordman Joel male powell river 29km
3:25:26 Beiderwieden Drew  male Nanaimo 29km
3:25:36 van wiltenburg jonathan male powell river 29km
3:27:30 Walsh Pat  male Powell River 29km
3:28:17 Schaub Carlos male Lund 29km
3:38:49 Bratseth Chris male Powell River  29km
3:40:31 Dumas Mark male Maple Ridge 29km
3:43:14 smith valda female powell river  29km
3:45:36 Nightingale Larry male Halfmoon Bay 29km
3:48:13 Vogelgesang Lorenzo male Powell River 29km
3:53:41 McLean Joseph male Powell River 29km
3:54:15 Sullivan Melanie female Powell River 29km
4:18:55 Allen Chad male Maple Ridge 29km
4:18:55 Laughton Keith male Powell River 29km
4:19:51 Jackson Ean male North Vancouver 29km
4:19:51 Padgett Caitlin female Powell River 29km
4:19:51 Padgett Tegan female Powell River 29km
4:19:51 Rinas Jose male Husum / Germany 29km
4:22:11 Gowans Sawyer male Powell River  29km
4:23:29 Stanton Brian male Powell River 29km
4:26:34 Butler Mary female Maple Ridge 29km
4:26:34 Walsh Carrie female Powell River 29km
4:27:34 Weinheimer Marla  female Maple Ridge 29km
4:27:45 Behan  Shannon female Powell RIver 29km
4:34:31 Andres Greg male Maple Ridge 29km
4:35:35 Raftl Luke male Powell River 29km
4:35:57 Schrimpf Paul male Vancouver 29km
4:36:51 Snow Jan female Vancouver 29km
4:45:58 Lanigan Doug male Powell River 29km
4:56:33 dickenson janet female gibsons 29km
4:56:33 Nightingale Teresa female Halfmoon Bay 29km
4:59:47 Shultz Jim male Powell River 29km
5:04:19 Melrose Sean male Powell River 29km
5:17:00 Olsten Susan female powell river 29km
5:17:15 Mclellan Angus male Vancouver 29km
5:17:15 Wilson Shay female Vancouver 29km
5:19:42 brewer jill female powell river  29km
5:26:18 combe alex male powell river 29km
5:29:35 Reckenberg Margaret female Powell River 29km
5:37:32 Isherwood Jenny female Van Anda 29km
5:37:32 Rairie Margaret female Gillies Bay 29km
5:54:39 Veran Claudine female Powell River  29km
6:01:08 Artiqeres Roger male Powell River  29km
6:04:55 Styles Charlotte female Powell River 29km
6:09:54 Montagna Richard male Powell River  29km
6:16:09 Mckee Melise female Lund 29km
6:16:09 Wood Gina female Lund 29km
6:18:29 Lee Michael  male Richmond, BC 29km
6:18:29 Brownhill Craig male Powell River  29km
6:19:17 Holmes Tom male Melbourne, Australia 29km
6:19:17 Weldrick Christine female Cobble Hill 29km
6:19:17 Walz Emily female Powell River 29km
6:21:21 McBride Suzanne female Powell River 29km
6:22:14 Lavertu Mardi  female Powell River 29km
6:22:56 McBride Kristina female Powell River 29km
6:22:56 McBride Tom  male Powell River 29km
6:25:59 Corsbie Joe male Richmond 29km
6:26:03 Kemp Phil male Powell River 29km
6:26:20 Isert Dwayne male Surrey  29km
6:36:03 Blakeney Charly female Powell River 29km
6:36:03 Blakeney Jenna  female Powell River 29km
6:36:03 Formosa Shannon female Powell River 29km
6:42:59 Norman Nicole female powell river 29km
6:42:59 Young Emily female Powell River  29km
6:49:29 Sheldon Brittiny female Kelowna 29km
7:07:39 Cooper Barbara female Powell River 29km
7:07:39 Panek Ashley  female Powell River 29km
7:11:27 Birtig Tor male Powell River 29km
7:11:27 Birtig Brandy female Powell River 29km
7:11:27 Flello Sarah  female Powell River 29km
7:11:27 Flello Sam female Vancouver  29km
7:11:27 Flello  Paul male Vancouver  29km
7:11:27 MacLean Janice female Powell River 29km
7:11:27 Merlo Estevao  male Powell River 29km
7:34:16 Elmige Isert Margrit female Surrey  29km
7:34:17 Clough Bertha female Richmond 29km
8:32:15 Prussner Paul male Powell River 29km
8:36:52 Nash Sharon female Powell River 29km
8:36:52 Van Delft Will male Powell River 29km
8:36:52 Yamauchi Willow female Vancouver 29km
Time Last Name First Name Gender City Event
1:21:10 Taylor Kye male Powell River    12km
1:34:43 Waters Tony male Trevallyn Australia 12km
1:35:02 Carlson Kerri female Powell River 12km
1:35:51 Arnold Rebecca female Powell River  12km
1:36:02 Hermsen John male Powell River 12km
1:39:18 Newbury Janet female Powell River 12km
1:39:18 Sickavish Jill female Powell River 12km
1:49:09 Burnikell Karin female Powell River  12km
1:51:26 Strickland Nichole female Powell RIver 12km
1:58:36 Keyworth Dan male Powell River 12km
2:06:22 Hein Erika female Powell River  12km
2:08:38 Hollmann Prichard Kiran male Lund 12km
2:08:38 Prichard Hugh male Lund 12km
2:14:05 Dunbar Danielle female Powell River 12km
2:14:36 Morrison Nadia female Powell River  12km
2:17:31 Roberts Anne female powell River 12km
2:17:31 Stobbart Megan female Nanaimo 12km
2:19:18 Scott Judy female Powell River 12km
2:20:30 Wannamaker Tammi female Maple Ridge 12km
2:20:53 Rice Will male Powell River 12km
2:20:56 Rice Tony male Powell River 12km
2:26:11 van Zwaaij Rudi  male Powell River 12km
2:28:50 Turrell Fran  female Maple Ridge 12km
2:29:15 Dumas Terri female Maple Ridge 12km
2:30:47 Kamon Paul male Powell River 12km
2:32:30 Schultz Sue female Powell River    12km
2:32:30 Yuhen Amber female Powell River  12km
2:37:39 Luaifoa Michael male Powell River 12km
2:38:46 Cawley Ken male Powell River 12km
2:38:46 Cawley Krista female Powell River 12km
2:47:50 Cherniavsky Pippa female Vancouver 12km
2:47:50 Clarke Julie female Powell River 12km
2:49:00 Armitage Shelley female Powell RIver 12km
2:49:00 Dendewicz Jody female Powell River 12km
2:49:00 Kenning Louise female Powell River 12km
2:49:00 Medeiros Kyla female Powell River 12km
2:51:13 Franske Kirk male Powell River    12km
2:51:13 Taplay Ali female Powell River  12km
2:53:39 La Haye Michelle female Burnaby 12km
2:58:35 Smisko Randall  male Powell River 12km
2:58:35 Smisko Hayley female Powell River 12km
2:59:41 Carpentier Francois male Powell River 12km
2:59:43 Vranjkovic Jason male Powell River  12km
3:04:11 Adams Tara female Powell River    12km
3:04:11 Creasey  Miel female Powell RIver 12 km
3:04:11 Fuller Linda female Powell River  12km
3:04:11 Haacke Robyn female Powell River  12km
3:04:11 Stobbart Donna female Powell River 12km
3:04:23 Laycroft Jen female Powell River  12km
3:04:23 Luaifoa Hayley female Powell River 12km
3:26:44 McMarchie Allan male North Vancouver 12 km
3:30:44 Miller Greg male Powell River    12 km
3:31:04 Mertz Robin female Lund 12km
3:32:02 Snow Duart male Vancouver 12km
3:33:43 Walz Eagle male Powell River 12km
3:34:58 Lane Winnie female Powell River 12km
3:34:58 Wagner Sharon female Powell River 12km
3:38:49 Bratseth Chris male Powell River 12km
3:40:30 brady tyler male Powell RIver 12km
3:40:30 darbyshire stephanie female powell river 12km
3:40:30 pallet eric male powell river 12km
3:40:30 Stutt Erin female Powell River    12 km
3:41:51 Davey Angie female Powell River 12km
3:41:53 Davey Bob male Powell River 12km
3:41:53 Hurl Ulrich  male Powell River    12km
3:42:53 Hopkins Olivia female Powell River 12km
3:43:54 Martinig Lora female Powell River 12km
3:46:13 Yates Shaunalee female Powell River 12km
3:47:13 Jewra JJ male Powell River  12km
3:47:13 Jewra Lorraine female Powell River  12km
3:47:19 Martinig George male Powell River 12km
4:03:18 Lee Brian male Powell River 12km
4:03:18 Lee Jennifer female Vancouver 12km
4:07:05 Anderson Chris male Powell River 12km
4:07:08 Pinch Tara female Powell River 12km
4:07:10 Ruedig Katie female Powell River 12km
4:17:54 Radcliffe Astrid female Powell River    12km
4:17:54 Radcliffe Frank male Powell River  12km
4:20:06 DeVries Graham male Powell River 12km
4:20:06 Pinch Aaron male Powell River 12km
4:20:31 Davis Jeff male Delta 12km
5:18:26 Meade Geraldine female North Vancouver 12km
5:54:40 Hager Markus male Burnaby 12km
5:54:40 Wiles Bob male North Vancouver 12km
Time Last Name First Name Gender City Event
  Cole Cindy female Powell River Custom
  Harvey Wendy female Powell River Custom
  Harvey Peter male Powell River Custom
  Kennedy Michael male Victoria Custom
  Koros Ron male Powell River Custom
  Pelton Zoe male Powell River Custom
  Penny Money female Powell River Custom
  Sellers Ron male Powell River Custom
  Temple Rose female Powell River Custom
  Vink Sabrina female Powell River Custom
  currie sandy female powell river Custom
  Kulak Perry male North Vancouver Custom
  Ostensen Heidi female Powell river  Custom
  Phillips John male Powell River  Custom
  Sowerby Rob  male Powell River  Custom
  Sowerby Lynda female Powell River  Custom
  Wadden Carlie female Powell river  Custom
No Show Adema Jenna  female Powell RIver  
No Show Berg Rhonda female Powell river   
No Show Brach Liz female Powell river  
No Show Brach Gerry  male Powell River  
No Show Cawley Erica female Powell River  
No Show Duyvesteyn Debbie female Powell River  
No Show Duyvesteyn Roger male Powell River  
No Show Fandrick Keely female Powell River  
No Show Fandrick Tyson male Powell River  
No Show Hanley Devon  female Powell River  
No Show kabli rajie female powell river  
No Show St-Pierre Denis male Powell River  
No Show Zroback Jason male Powell river  
No Show Adams Tara female Powell River  
No Show DeVita Marian female Powell River  
No Show Harrison Daryl male Nanaimo  
No Show Lach Carol female Coquitlam  
No Show Power Allan male Powell River  
No Show Stanyer Debbi female Powell River  
No Show Stapleton Alyssa female Powell River  
No Show Stogre Catherine  female Powell River     
No Show Strickland David  male Powell River   
No Show Tait Debbie female Powell River     
No Show taves jeremy male Powell river  
No Show Trevis Mark male Gibsons  


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More Photos

Paul Prussner from BCAdventuresWest took some beautiful photos of the day and the scenery.  You can view them here: http://bcadventureswest.com/?page_id=491

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