Flash - Lynn Loop Night Run

23 Jan 2008 21:00
23 Jan 2008 22:00

What: Run Lynn Loop trail in a counter clockwise direction at night. A distance of about 8K run and 250 meter gain/loss. I have run this trail at night many times it takes me about 55 minutes from my house.

Why: Pano was asking me about night running on the trails. He was wondering if there were any groups that ran the trails at night.

Who: Runners who want to experience a night run and can run Lynn Loop (short) in under an hour during the day. Since we are running this at night I like to keep everyone together in a group of about the same speed.

Where: At my house (town house) 1572 McNair Dr, Lynn Valley. Check the GPS to see where it is.

When: Wed, January 23, 2008 at 9:00 PM

Route: The Lynn Loop trail (short loop) in a counter clockwise direction. Running in this direction makes a long technical accent followed by a short technical decent then a long flat double track trail back to the start.

GPS: http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/episode/view.do?episodePk.pkValue=4750099


: Headlamp/flashlight (required), Extra batteries (if you don’t need them someone else might), cell phone (I will have mine), everything else you need to run for an hour run.

Aid: None.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


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Run Report

At first I thought it was just going to be Pano and myself running, Monty and Penny had to cancel.  Then Ron call at about 8:40 saying he is on his way and John was running over.  The report for the Globe and Mail showed up (Patrick) but just to talk and not run.  Pano showed up with a friend and then we had 5 runners. 


It was a cold clear night and all the puddles where frozen, which ment no mud on the shoes.  I was suprised at how much snow was on the trails.  We had to take care it lots of spots exceptionally on the stair that were covered in ice. The clear skies plus the snow made it very easy to see your way.  The trail was well tracked in the snow.  We all stay together in a group for most of the run.  The offical finish time was 1 hour and 8 min.  When we return Patrick was waiting to hear our stories.  He say to look for an article in this Friday's or next Friday's paper.

 More photos at:


Cheers Colin


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Glad you guys had a good

Glad you guys had a good group out.  The article in the Globe appeared today. Check out: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080125.wlfatass25/B...

Noticed that your photos already appear in the Members In Action section. Technology is so cool ;-) 

Hope you can make it to the Haggis Run - which is not going to be 7h as mentionend in the GlobeAndMail article - more like 1 hour run and 6 hours party ;-)
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How was your night run?

Dying to hear how the run went.  Who all came?  Saw on facebook that Ryne and Sarah planned to come out as well?
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I just recovered from the 24 hr flu. Nasty. Last night I spent most of the time worshipping the "Porcelain Bowl" if you know what I mean. Had to cancel my other training plans as well. I'm looking forward to hear how the run went. Have fun.
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It looks like there will be 3 of us running tormorrow night.

Sorry to hear you can't make it Monty.

It looks like there will be 3 of us running:

  • Pano 
  • Penny
  • Colin (myself)

There should be lots of room for parking in the visitors parking(I live in a town house).  As you come up the drive way there might be parking on the right if not turn left and there should be lots up the hill.  If you need to call me my number is 778-885-1704.  It looks like it will be a clear night.  I am guessing it should be snow free for most of the run with the exception of the trail down by the river usally keeps the snow for awhile.

Cheers Colin

Colin (http://colinfreeland.motionbased.com)

night run

Hey guys,

There are two more of us contemplating running lynn by moonlight --just  wondering if it will be focused on speedy or identifying flora.


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Is Lynn Loop in a hour speedy?

This is not a speed workout.  Last time I ran this slowly at night it took me 55 min.  I hoping we can all do this together as a group in about an hour.  I

Colin (http://colinfreeland.motionbased.com)

Colin, It sounds great.


It sounds great. Thanks for the reply. Love that run.

We were waffling but after a day like today we don't think we can stay up that late...how sad is that?

We'll be at the next night run for sure....










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Globe and Mail reporter

Hi Colin,

I have been corresponding with a Globe and Mail reporter who wanted to come to the Lynn Night Loop.  He is writing about CFA.  He had a long chat with Karl and Penny and I believe  the photographer was out at the Pure Foolishness on Saturday.  Just thought I give you the heads up - make sure you wear your CFA shirt ;-)

I'd love to join you, but first of all you guys are to fast for me, 2nd of all, 21:00 h is a bit late for my taste and most importantly, I haven't run much since New Years Day (icing that hip as I am writing this).  Old man tore something in his calf, so I doubt he'll be able to keep up with you. 

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Club Fat Ass Shirt

It is a little cold out for a short sleeve.  Do you think the long sleeves with be ready in time?  I will do my best to were the club fat ass colors thats for the heads up.  Tell the old man that this will be zone 1 training.  Maybe next time I make it a bit earlier,  Kirsten already commeted to a meeting earlier in the evenning.

Cheers Colin 

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Layering ;-)  No,

Layering ;-) 

No, unfortunately, the new shirts won't be ready tomorrow ;-)

I shall kick the old man in the rear, but realistically, he cannot run...(this is not just him saying, I need to let this heal, it's his body saying "ouch"

No problem re the time. It works for you and you are the host ;-)   

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Me too

Time to stop living off the New Year's Day fat ass run and do another. Nursing a small injury though, so hoping I can keep up. P
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Sounds like fun

I'm in Freeland. Sounds like fun.
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Sorry I have to bail

I totally double booked myself. Sorry I can't make it in time to do the run as I have a previous commitment.

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