2010 - Year 17 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

1 January 2010 - 106 Starters

 New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

Like many running friends, I have managed to accomplish many running goals because I established goals in the first place. Getting those running goals out in front of each other while doing something we love was what I had in mind when I loosely organized the first Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 in 1994. 

Straight up, I also needed to get out of the house and move a bit.  I figured that by picking a stupid run distance, for a day that has the worst weather in the year, on a day when most friends have the least amount of sleep and are the most hung-over, I'd find an equally stupid friend to run with and earn bragging rights. I was shocked and amazed that New Year's day 17 years ago when 10 friends showed up.

With the weather forecast calling for record rainfalls on the first day of the second decade of the second millennium, I was even more shocked an amazed that 106 running friends should show up for this bizarre resolution run. It was a record-breaking year in many ways.

First, and most obviously, the weather. It rained at the start. It rained at the finish. It rained the whole freaking day. I've experienced torrential downpours in Singapore, but during this lifetime of running, I've never experienced the type of cloudburst Des and I ran through as we approached the home stretch at Second Beach. Even the ducks headed for cover!

Second, the turnout. I accepted 116 sign-ups for this free resolution run assuming that at least 20% would roll over on the morning-of, hit the alarm button and go back to sleep. An unbelievable 106 showed up from all over North America.

Third, the times and distances. Several new world records were established. Tim Wiens earned the "Double Bagger" award and bragging rights for becoming the first person in the history of the world to run the 50K course twice.  Congrats, Tim, for setting the high bar at 10:48... and not even puking once!  First Dave Papineau, then Sammy Lotfi-Pour broke the record of longest swim.  Sammy earned the "Numb Nuts" award for spending 16 1/2 minutes in the icy Pacific, and is apparently still looking for his boys. This is a run, not a race, but the fact that four (4) men broke the previous speed record deserves mention. Congrats to Dave Papineau for his record time of 3:51.

Fourth, the smiles. A confession: I don't love to run in the rain. Did I mention it rained all night on New Year's eve? I had nightmares of running 50K in the rain and didn't sleep a wink. I was in a less-than-ideal frame of mind when my nightmares became reality. However, everyone I spoke to before and during the run told me they either enjoyed the rain, preferred it to the snow of last year or didn't even notice it was raining. Despite the rain and the wind, the pavement and the mud, the very challenging distance and all of the other physical and mental hardship, everyone I spoke to during the run was either smiling or outright beaming.

Ran Katzman barely made it to the start after a long flight from Israel.  Ran ran the 50K in a great time but almost fell asleep at the wheel, so opted for bed and felt bad for missing the finisher party. Gary Robbins ran 10K to the start, broke his own record for the 50K and ran home. Robbins felt bad for missing the swim for the first time. Glenn Pace was injured, but still came out and ran the first 500m with his pooch, then drove out to several points along the course to encourage the other runners. Pace felt bad for not being able to keep his streak of 50Ks on New Year's Day alive. David Crerar ran the last marathon of 2009 on New Year's eve and a 50K on New Year's Day. Crerar just felt bad all over the next day!

A great big "Thank you" to the Kintec crew. Kirsten, for the second year in a row, thank you for standing out on Spanish Banks in the cold to host the aid station. I'm sorry your car broke down on New Year's eve and that you had to scramble and bum a ride to even get there with all of the goodies.  Graham, thanks for the recognition prizes. Ryne, congrats on being one of the 4 participants to break 4 hours this year. Thanks, also, to Trail Runner Magazine for the prizes and to Kelly and Lucie at the Mosquito Creek Grill for the free celebratory pint at the finisher party!

To Sibylle Tinsel, Manager of Club Fat Ass, thank you for all of the help with the event website and other aspects of organizing this run. Club Fat Ass is the best running club in the world and you make it run. Congrats, as well, on overcoming your injuries and completing the 50K.

This was my 100th ultramarathon. Thank you for celebrating it with me.

Whatever your distance you ran or time you finished in, congrats to you for your accomplishment and my sincerest best wishes to you for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run
and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

New Years Fitness Resolutions
Too late to get into the contest for 2010, but never too late to make them!

Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me

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Keith Nichol kindly supplied the GPS readings from his Garmin at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/21462735




First Name Last Name City Event Points Time Comments
Tim Wiens Vancouver 100km 2 10:48 50km 4:43
David Papineau Vancouver 50km 2 3:51:51 Course Record
Hassan Lotfi-Pour North Vancouver 50km 2 3:55:11 Swim Record = 16min
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 50km 2 3:55:11  
Gary Robbins North Vancouver 50km 2 3:59:55  
Ryan Conroy Vancouver 50km 2 4:12  
Brooke Spence North Vancouver 50km 2 4:15:37 First Woman
Mike Palichuk Langley 50km 2 4:16  
Dario Herrera New Westminster 50km 2 4:19  
Chris Benn Vancouver 50km 2 4:21  
Michel Richard Chilliwack 50km 2 4:26  PB
Bob Hermanutz Vancouver 50km 2 4:29 PB
Ross Fleming Vancouver 50km 2 4:42:05  
Carolyn Goluza North Vancouver 50km 1 4:43  
Ran Katzman Vancouver 50km 2 4:52 Swim
Kate Burrage Vancouver 50km 2 4:56  
Jackie Muir Vancouver 50km 1 4:58: 49  
Wade Repta Vancouver 50km 1 4:58: 49  
John  Seed maple ridge B.C. 50km 2 4:48: 49  
Mike Kuiack 802-1200 Vancouver 50km 2 4:59:57  
Angela Cullen Port Coquitlam 50km 2 5:02  
Debbie Suzuki Vancouver 50km 2 5:02  
ryan keefe coquitlam 50km 2 5:05  
suyin lum min winnipeg 50km 2 5:10  
John Neels Vancouver 50km 2 5:10  
Heather Urquhart North Vancouver 50km 2 5:13  
Kerry Ward N. Vancouver 50km 1 5:13  
Phil Hughes Port Coquitlam 50km 1  5:15 ***Membership Due
David Crerar North Vancouver 50km 2 5:24  
Lisa Richardson Port Moody 50km 2 5:24  
Neil Ambrose Maple Ridge 50km 2 5:25  
Chris La Rose Vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:28  
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:35  
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50km 2 5:38  
Desmond Mott north vancouver 50km 2+1* 5:38  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50km 2+2**+1* 5:38 Swim
scott donatelli Vancouver 50km 2 5:40  Swim
ken legg North Van 50km 2 5:49  
Anh Vuong Vancouver 50km 2+1 5:49  
Kirsten Ramage Vancouver 50km 2 5:49:55  
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 50km 2 5:49:55  
Keith  Nichol Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:00  
Jonathan Weresch Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:01  Swim
eric stacey delta 50km 1 6:03  
celina  coombs delta 50km 1 6:03  
John Machray North Vancouver 50km 2 6:10  
Lori Clerkson Port Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15  
Gord Lord Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15 Swim
Duncan McRae Port Moody 50km 2 6:15  
Don Murray Vancouver 50km 2 6:15  
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15 Swim
Herb Yang Coquitlam 50km 2 6:15  
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 50km 2 6:16  
Rachel Tanya Fouladi Burnaby 50km 2 6:30:45 Dip
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 50km 2+1* 6:30:45 Swim
Anthony Yung Vancouver 50km 1 6:30:45 Swim
ronald ness north vancouver 50km 2 6:55  
Rod  Hatful North Vancouver 50km 1 ?  
Chad Hyson Vancouver 50km 2 ?  
Suzanne Johnson North Vancouver 50km 1 ?  
Lucy Ryan Coquitlam 50km 2 ?  
Christina Sanders maple ridge 16km 2 1:30  
Rainy Kent Burnaby 49km 1 5:22  Swim
Bob Brough North Vancouver 48km 1 5:48  
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 45km 2+1* 6:15  
Rhonda Gallant Port Moody 40km 2 4:00  
Stephen Blyth N Vancouver 35.5km 1 4:05 hrs.  
Jude Ultra Surrey 34km 1 4:05  
Lara Seguin Vancouver 34km? 2 ?  
Sarah Weinkam Port Coquitlam 32km 2 3:20  
Scott Brammer Whistler 32km 2 3:30  
Stephen Parslow Vancouver 30km 2 2:48  
Rea Blyth N Vancouver 30km 1 3:20  
Sarah Gallazin Vancouver 30km 2 3:28  
John Little Vancouver 30km 2 3:28  
Sukhi Pawa Vancouver 29km 1 2:40  
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver 27km 1 3:14  
Rob Smith North Van 25km 2 2:13  
Bradley Jones Vancouver 25km 2 2:15  
Hileray Shackelford Burnaby 25km 1 2:15  
Doug McConnell Vancouver 25km 1 2:28:22  
Ron Adams North Vancouver, BC 25km 2 2:52:15  
Edward Sargisson VANCOUVER 25km 2 3:21  
Lara Taylor North Vancouver 25km 2 3:21  
Anna Tarnowski North Vancouver 25km 2 4:27 Swim
Dan Daoust Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Joanne  Denis North Vancouver 25km 2 ?  
Mark Macrae Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Susan MacRae Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
Caitlin O'Leary Vancouver 25km 2 ?  
Pete van Gaalen Coquitlam 25km 2 ?  
susan reynolds Vancouver 24km 2 2:25  
Troy Angrignon Vancouver 24km 2 2:30  
Gilles Barbeau Vancouver 23km 2 2:38  
Reagan White Vancouver 23km 2+1* 2:38  
Carolyn King Maple Ridge 20km 2 2:00  
Wendy Montgomery Brackendale 20km 2 2:00  
Maureen  Forrestal Vancouver 18km 2 1:50  
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver 18km 2 2:09  
North Vancouver 18km 2 2:09  
Kailee Tarnowski North Vancouver  16km 1 2:37  
Kristie Congram Vancouver 12.5km 2 1:52:32 swim
glenn  pace North Vancouver 0.5km 1 0:02:45 record for shortest run
patricia  jensen north Vancouver 20K 2 ?  
Baldwin  Lee Burnaby custom 1 ?  
Claudia Bullington Richmond Richmond Run 21km 1   Special Mention 2:20
Kintec Kirsten     crew  1****    
Bike Dude (Ray)     crew 1****    
Dave Berg Burnaby DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in
Antoine Charras Burnaby DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in
Tim Hill North Vancouver DNS -1 DNS  
Charles Mackey Richmond DNS 2 DNS Did not sign in
Philip Waters Vancouver DNS -1 DNS Did not sign in

*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at www.clubfatass.com/join
**** crew point 


mudrunner's picture

Ean...congrats on Ultra #100!!

You finally got to tick your hundredth ultra....quite a feat!

....congrats to all of thsoe that showed up to brave the monsoon!!!

...congrats to all those extremely fast times.

...congrats to Tim for pulling off a Double (...really? Without puking, no less!!??)

...congrats to all those first time 50km runners, & all those that achieved a personal goal.

I  was a bit disappointed in not being able to do my traditional 50km on Jan 1...the first time ever since I started running in 2002, but I wanted to join in the festivities in one way or another, so....

I promised a Course Record when I signed up, & I believe I delivered....for shortest New Year's Fat Ass.....or fastest NY Fat Ass...or shortest NYFat Ass by a dude with a dog.....or the shortest NY Fat Ass by an Irish/Italian Canadian with a dog...or some sort of record.
Anyway...put me down for 500m in 2:45 (yes...that's minutes & seconds!). I don't know the official distance as I don't own any sort of GPS & Google Earth doesn't work with microscopic distances. Anyway...I ran with Koda from the start to the end of the road & into the rail for some unknown distance before turning around.
I ate 2 Gu's & almost bonked twice, but I pulled off what I believe to be a PS (personal sumthing-er-other). I am icing my groin injury (non-running related, but I'll let your imaginations run wild with that one) with a proven homeopathetic Bavarian remedy....a cold beer....or more.
Happy New Year, Ean & Sibylle, & all my fellow Fat Asses.....it was great to see you all out there even if I couldn't share in some conversation through heavy breathing.

Glenn and Koda - thanks for all the encouragement

Hey you two,

Glad you made it out to join the crew anyway. Love your new 500m course record!

You should talk to Google Earth about doing per-meter tracking for next year!



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