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Our hope is to make this event totally self-supporting. In other words, do all of the organization before hand and also participate. This would be an impossible dream without a lot of behind the scenes help. Want to help this year? Please send a short e-mail note with your thoughts.

Many thanks to:

Our dedicated crews, especially Helen, Shauna, Lucinda, Ethelyn, Cheryl, Rhonda, Linda, Margaret, Ron, Bill, Maureen, Ran, Julia, Mike H., Mike W., Cathy, Anne-Marie, Baldwin, Terry, Mike H., Suki, The Adams Clan, Carolyn, Marla, Daniel, Julia, Andrea, Richard, Michelle, John, Patricia, Susan, John, Terry, Nicki, Mike B., Liza, Wendy, Vicky, Ean, Sibylle and the many other friends of Club Fat Ass that have made it possible for our runners to do their thing.

Mike Wardas and Randy Hunter: Thanks for showing that it can be done.

Kintec Footlabs
Thank you for the awesome recognition prizes. 

TrailRunner: Thank you for the 2 gift subscriptions to your popular magazine as draw prize.

Sibylle Tinsel - Club Fat Ass www.ClubFatAss.com: Club Fat Ass helps the race with web hosting, online registration and coaches us on how to host a safe, fun, environmentally-friendly event.