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Saturday June 1, 2013
0335 Get up. Check the weather. Print off your route instructions (below) and this agenda so you know how to get to the start
0430 Arrive at Panorama Park in Deep Cove. Click here for a map. Check-in.
0455 Welcome, final briefing and photo
0500 Start
0500 onward Spectators, well-wishers, fans and groupies are encouraged to cheer runners on at the variouscheck points. Please check below for loacations and estimated arrival times.
1600-2300 Picnic at Cleveland Dam (map). Come out to support the runners (check below for other suggested meeting points and arrival times)
2130? Saturday June 2, 2012, First 100km finisher.
Sunday June 2, 2013
1330? Sunday June 2, 2013, last 100km finisher.
end Go home, wash (optional), eat, drink, sleep, dream of running.

4:30 PM

Sunday June 2, 2013

Two Lions Public House (formerly Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill)

2601 Westview Drive, North Vancouver   604-983-3083 

>>>  SUNDAY JUNE 2, 2013   4:30 PM <<<


Pre- During and Post-Event

  • Free parking at Panorama Park. Check the signage for restrictions.
  • There are washrooms below the parking lot for changing.
  • Spectators and well-wishers, groupies and fans are invited to come out to a picnic at Cleveland Dam (map) starting at 5pm on Saturday until all runners have passed.
  • Post event at 4:30 pm, Sunday June 2, 2013.
Checkpoints and estimated arrival time (assuming a 24 hour finisher time)

Start time 0500 Panorama Park (0) Deep Cove North Vancouver.

  • Checkpoint 1 0540 Seymour Road
  • Checkpoint 2 0640 Hyannis Point (at the end of Berkley Road)
  • Checkpoint 3 0740 Lynn Headwaters Pipeline Bridge (at the end of Lynn Valley Road down the gravel road)
  • Checkpoint 4 0830 Mountain Highway (potential for gate closure and also extremely limited legal parking, water tap available)
  • Checkpoint 5 1000 Cleveland Dam - first 1/4 - washrooms (2)
  • Checkpoint 6 1300 Cypress Bowl - washrooms
  • Checkpoint 7 1600 Horseshoe Bay/Nelson Park - first 1/2 (3)
  • Checkpoint 8 1930 Cypress Bowl - washrooms
  • Darkness 2100 Darkness falls with no moonlight
  • Checkpoint 9 2230 Cleveland Dam - first 3/4 (2)
  • Checkpoint 10 0100 Mountain Highway (potential for gate closure and also extremely limited parking, water tap available)
  • Checkpoint 11 0200 Lynn Headwaters Pipeline Bridge (at the end of Lynn Valley Road down the gravel road)
  • Checkpoint 12 0300 Hyannis Point (at the end of Berkley Road)
  • Checkpoint 13 0400 Seymour Road
  • Checkpoint 14 0500 Deep Cove - finish (1)!
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What to Bring?

  • A dedicate crew for each runner, 50km or more.
  • Appropriate running attire, gloves, hat, jacket, layers of clothes, shorts, tights.
  • Change of clothes and shoes.
  • Body lubricant, lots.
  • Food and refreshments.
  • Sunscreen. Sunglasses.
  • Your own official timing system.
  • Snowshoes, poles, shoe-snow-gripping-devices: hey, it's a CFA event!
  • There's no cost to enter if you're a member of Club Fat Ass.



  • Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Please, please, please do not drop litter on the trail. (Consider picking some up if you find any and get an extra CFA point.)
  • We will record your times in the Results so you have something to compare to next year. Please be sure to keep track of your splits and finish time and to give it to the Event Host.
  • We hope everyone will run the same course but won't disqualify folks for getting lost and running extra distance. Detouring because of bears or other wildlife on the trail is allowed.
  • Expect rain, mud, sun, and snow. It’s the North Shore.

This event is not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event.