Spaghetti Trees

This run is seriously gorgeous. It's short-ish but challenging & the rewards are great (both the scenery & the post-run location!). The 12.30p start time allows people from Vancouver to arrive & depart in the same day, if desired (but everybody should just stay in Victoria 'cause it's so darn great).


The routes are 12.5km & 16km according to the GPS but both feel longer in terms of how much time they take, but also feel like nothing at all because the scenery & trails are so amazing you might not even notice you're running!

Both routes start & end together, both have LOTS of up & down and both follow the fantastic Coast Trail for part of the route. The Coast Trail in this park is a continuation of the world-famous West Coast Trail, along the westernmost edge of Vancouver Island. The maximum elevation for both is only about 200m, but have lots of ascent & descent in between. Both routes go past hundred-year-old coppermine entrances, which you can explore if you want (bring a flashlight...).

The short route has 500m total ascent in 12.5km.

The long route has nearly 900m ascent in 16km, follows a longer portion of the Coast Trail, and goes past a crazy old slightly eerie fishing cabin.

Both routes end with a visit to a 120-year-old pub for grub (burgers, clam chowder served in an entire sourdough loaf) and beer (check out the Victoria craft brewing scene!). They also have nice warm bathrooms to change in... [17 Mile Pub in Sooke]

The event is timed so people from Vancouver can arrive & depart in the same day, if desired.

Why is it called Spaghetti Trees??? hmmmm... It always happens on the Saturday closest to April Fool's Day, is that something to do with it?

It's a Fat Ass event: No aid. No t-shirt. No special marking. No whining! Lots of fun.

When and Where?

  • Saturday, 30 March 2013 (closest Saturday to April Fool's Day) at 12:30 (mid-day start allows ferry-takers time to get here and back again), East Sooke Regional Park near Victoria, BC: Anderson Cove entrance. Accessible by bike, car & public transit (sort of...). Carpooling is the best way, hooray for multi-seated vehicles!

  • You can get here & back in the same day from Vancouver, but you might want to think about staying over before or after the run & making a weekend of it. The 9a ferry from Tsawwassen will get you here in time, with a very teensy bit of time to spare for traffic, getting lost or a very quick coffee / snack stop. If you want a bit more time to look around Victoria on a beautiful Saturday morning, take the 7a ferry. Carpooling is a great plan, as is making a vehicle reservation for the ferry (if you're taking the 7a ferry you probably don't need a reservation, but I would recommend it for the 9a!). You should have plenty of time to catch the 7p ferry back to Vancouver after a short pub visit, or stay a bit longer after the run and get a BCAA discount for taking the 9p ferry (last sailing of the day). You won't need a reservation on the way back (Saturday night is usually pretty quiet on BC ferries), but if you're a worrier, might as well make one :) BC Ferries Website for more schedule info & reservations

  • The start is *sort of* accessible by public transit (the bus will get you within 8km & we'll help you carpool the rest of the way) - get in touch if you're thinking about taking the bus, we'll give you more details. Another option for the non-car-user is Pacific Coach Lines (which has pretty good student discounts) to get you at least into downtown Victoria.

  • If you're really crazy and want to add-in a lovely bike ride on the fabulous traffic-free Galloping Goose trail, choose between 30km (from the "Switch Bridge" in Victoria) or 65km (from the Swartz Bay / Victoria ferry terminal) to the start (or anywhere in between). Indicate this on your registration form & we'll put you in touch with any other takers so you can figure out when & where to start your ride.

  • See agenda for details on how to get there and course description, & check out teagirl's BC Ferries Travel Tips and teagirl & carguy's Beer Map of Victoria (sadly out of date now that we've moved away...)

Who is Running?

How Much?

  • Free for Club Fat Ass members (click here for current membership benefits and dues). Membership just for the day is available.
  • Please sign up for both the club membership and the free event online and in advance. This will allow us to keep the membership fees low and the logistics before the event to a minimum.