Food and Gear List

The following is a checklist of the equipment and food used by the team during the 2004 run. It is interesting to note that, while all 4 athletes are similarly accomplished, they are fueled by a wide range of foods. Also important to note that Wade and Dom Repta are are vegan, and as such, are restricted to eating foods that do not include animal products. Dave Cressman is vegetarian, so he doesn't eat meat. Jackson likes beer and burgers while he runs.


  • team was met by crew at distances ranging from 10-35 kilometers. This means maximum distance to assistance was no more than 18 kilometers in either direction. It also means that there was a lot less gear and food needed than if this were an unassisted trail run
  • crew set up all of the aid stations. This allowed the runners to focus on the run
  • weather is generally warm (10C - 30C) and dry in the mid-summer

Team Gear

emergency sleeping bags (2) - Dave emergency sleeping mats (2) - Dom
bivy sack? emergency stove, fuel, eating utensils - Dave
big camp knife 4/5 person tent - Jackson
FRS radios (2) - Jackson cell phones (3) - Dave, Cheryl, Wade
digital camera - Cheryl meds kit (see below)
water filter (Jackson - Katadyn ceramic) lighters (2)
flares (2) spray mace for bears (Jackson)
iodine/bleach for treating stream water map kits (2) in plastic bags
toilet paper small emergency flashers (4) Dave
whistle (2) notepad and pen
compass topographic map
waterproof map case space blankets (2)

Team Food

spaghetti spaghetti sauce
beer salted potato chips
boiled potatoes sea salt
pretzels eLoad (electrolyte powder)
freeze dried trail meals Red Bull (12)
hot soup salt tablets
chocolate bars peanut butter and jam sandwiches

Team Medical Kit

syringe second skin
moleskin ibuprofen / advil (lots!)
wet wipes

Individual Gear

sleeping bag sleeping mat
trail shoes (2) sox (5)
shorts (2) tights (1)
short sleeve t-shirts (3) long sleeve t-shirt (2)
nylon wind/rain vest space blanket
ball hat / bandanna / shades suntan and bug stuff
gloves headlamp / backup maglite / backup batteries
light backpack or bottle carrier sandals
energy bars / gels personal meds
wallet cell phone
gym bag / knapsack pre-post-run gear
plate, bowl, cutlery cardboard box for crew vehicle
Vaseline in tube fleece jacket
arm warmers water bottles + handheld carriers (3)
bathing suit / towel coffee thermos
toiletry bag dirty clothes bag

Individual Food - Wade

(note: Wade consumed far more food than he usually would)

Cliff bars (4) Cliff shots (12)
banana bread watermelon
eLoad pasta
peanut butter sandwich potatoes (8)
gummy bears salted potato chips
red bull (1) ibuprofen (4)
salt tablets (3)

Individual Food - Dom

Cliff bars (1) Cliff shots (2)
banana bread watermelon
eLoad pasta
peanut butter sandwich potatoes (2)
gummy bears salted potato chips
red bull (1) ibuprofen (4)
salt tablet (1) banana
almonds blackberries
jelly beans lemonaid (1)
ice tea (2) pancakes (3)
ginger muffins (1) latte

Individual Food - Dave

Cliff bars (1) Cliff shots (10)
eLoad pasta
peanut butter sandwich (4) potatoes (4)
lemonade (2) salted potato chips
red bull (2) ibuprofen (2)
ginger muffins (2) peanut butter cookies (3)
salt tablets (2) tomato/avocado sandwich (1)

Individual Food - Jackson

tapioca pudding (3) beef jerky (2 bags)
burritos (1) chewing gum (1 package)
donuts (1) beer, hamburger and French fries
peanut butter cookies (8) salt licorice (3)
chocolate bars (OHenry, Mars, Snickers) power gel (1)
eLoad pasta
coffee potatoes (8)
gummy bears salted potato chips
red bull (1) ibuprofen (3)
blueberry muffin 2 bagels
cantaloupe rice crispy squares (5)
almonds blackberries
cinnamon buns (3) lemonade (5)
ice tea (2) cheese
salami power bars (2)
granola bars (4) landjaeger sausage
sesame snaps (6) dried apricots