Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch Run


Gottfried has come up with a new course, consisting in part of the old course and some new trails just finished being build this time last year.Taking in to consideration some of the suggestions made I think this course has a nice flow topped with the element of new trails. It should be exciting for old and new runners. So come on out and check it out.
  • A fun run on winding trails and back roads of lower Seymour Mountain
  • "Old Chesterfield" 22.5km or "Cushy Couch" 11,5km
  • free trial membership for CFA virgins
  • Enjoy the fall atmosphere in a temperate rain forest
  • Brunch finisher party at Bean Around the World right after the run.

When and Where?

  • Sunday 20 October 2013 (3rd Sunday in October)
  • Start: 08:30am
  • Start at Bean Around the World, in Parkgate Mall - 1151 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
  • See agenda for details on how to get there and course description

Who is registered?

How Much?

  • Free for Club Fat Ass members and Club Fat Virgins (click here for current info on member benefits and fee)
  • To keep hassles on the morning of the run to a minimum and allow the host to participate as well we ask to please sign up for both, the club membership and the event online and in advance.