Bill's Great Peak Ascent


A peak baggers delight!   That's what!  Bill's Great Peak Ascent is changing.  This year, instead of the same old route from the Gazebo in the LSCR up to the peak of Grouse Mountain, I'm completely changing the event.   You'll still go to the top of Grouse Mountain (at a minimum) but that's about the only similarity.   You're going to be able to bag anywhere from 1 to 5 peaks in a single sweep!   That's right!  Here's the basic plan:

  • Bronze (1 peak): Grouse (GRO)
  • Silver (2 peaks): Grouse (GRO); Dam (DAM)
  • Gold (3 peaks): Grouse (GRO); Dam (DAM); Little Goat (LIL)
  • Platinum (4 peaks): Grouse (GRO); Dam (DAM); Little Goat (LIL); Goat (GOA)
  • Double Platinum (5 peaks): Grouse (GRO); Dam (DAM); Little Goat (LIL); Goat (GOA); Fromme (FRO)

The start/finish will be the Grouse Mountain parking lot for all levels.   You don't absolutely have to do the peaks in the indicated order but it will make it more fun if you do as you'll get to see others in our group more if you do.

I'll provide detailed routes and distances in a bit but this is the basic idea.

When and Where?

  • Sunday, 28 July 2013 - 07:30 start (4th Sunday in July)
  • Start / finish at the Grouse Mountain parking lot at the top of Capilano Rd/Nancy Greene Way in North Vancouver British Columbia, CANADA

Who is Registered?

How Much?



A ride, perhaps?

Hello. If anyone's driving from Vancouver, can I get a lift? I'm close to the 2nd Narrows Bridge.



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