Point Series

Annual Club Points Competition

The Club Points competition is intended to be a fun way to encourage Club Fat Ass members to get the most out of the Club and to recognize, on an annual basis, the keenest and most thoughtful Club members.

Encourage Discourage
  • participating in lots of events, so you get tons of value for your Club dues
  • signing up for an event and not attending it, which causes grief for your Event Host
  • register early for events, so your Event Host can better prepare any aid or post-event party
  • signing up at the last minute, which makes it hard for your Event Host to plan a great free event for you
  • demonstrate good sportsperson-like behaviour during an event, so everyone has fun
  • ripping your fellow Club member's lungs out in heated competition and leaving them to die a miserable death by the trail
  • help Event Hosts and your fellow members in some way if you don't participate in an event
  • littering, trail marking or other activities that leave an impact on the environment
  • answer surveys and make suggestions on how Event Hosts might improve their events
  • whining and complaining to Event Hosts, which may discourage them from wanting to bother hosting a Club event in the future


  • Keep it simple!
  • You earn one (1) point for each Club Event you participate in.  (Has to be same place, same time)
  • You earn one (1) bonus point if you register two (2) or more days in advance
  • You earn two (2) points for every Scheduled Event you host
  • You earn one (1) point for every Flash Event you host (Flash Events eligible for points need to be posted at least one week ahead, attract at least one other participant and there is a follow-up blog post or comment published on the CFA website to document it.  Sorry, informal weekly training runs do not qualify.)
  • you earn one (1) point for each new member you refer to the Club. (The new member needs to fill in your name on the registration form when they join.)
  • you earn one (1) point for submitting a photo (or a link to a photo) of you in your CFA shirt participating in a non-CFA event
  • you earn one (1) bonus point for good sportsmanship, being environmentally conscious, volunteering and otherwise being a good member of the community (i.e. picking up garbage on the trail, helping a lost lamb, tending to the wounded, etc.) during a Club event
  • you lose one (1) point if you do anything to cause an Event Host significant grief
  • you lose one (1) point if you register and don't show without timely notice
  • no age group awards, no male/female splits, no geographic preference


  • "Participation" means you either participate in an event or you help the Event Host in some way that they feel is significant. By this definition, a DNF (Did Not Finish) qualifies as participation because you registered and started in the event. Anything you do that a Club Event Host feels helps them to host a better event (e.g. write a news release, helping with registration, setting up an aid station) also qualifies
  • You can only earn one (1) participation point per event, so if you participate in the event and also help organize it, you do so for the love, not the points
  • You can only lose one (1) point per event. All black marks are totally at the discretion of the Event Host, but unexcused no-shows will most likely lose you a point. Don't forget that your Event Host is a fellow member who is hosting an event for the love, so please treat them as you would like to be treated when you host an event.
  • Event Hosts are responsible for giving points, taking points away and getting points to the Club statistician. Please take up any point allocation issues with your Event Host.
  • The Club statistician will maintain the master points list on the Club website.
  • The Club's Chief Executive Fat Ass reserves the right to make final deciscions on points should there be a dispute.

Prizes and Incentives

  • members with top 3 point scores each win an award
  • if there is a tie, we will figure out a fair way to allocate the prizes we have
  • prizes to be determined.