New Year's Resolution Contest

Club Fat Ass New Years Resolution Contest

Do you remember what your sports and fitness-related New Years resolutions were for last year? How well did you do relative to your goals? If you are like most, your answers are "No" and "No clue".

Plenty of studies show a common trait of overachievers is that they write their goals down. By sharing those goals with peers, the odds of them being achieved goes up even more. 

The Club Fat Ass website makes it possible for us to keep track of our fitness-related goals and resolutions... right up there where the world can see them. 

As a gift to anyone, from anywhere in the world, the Club has offered this service for free.  Instructions on how to share your fitness-related resolutions follow.

To spice things up a bit, and keep those who use the service honest to themselves, I propose a little contest.  Contest is open to anyone.  Guidelines follow.   Even have a prize!

Happy New Year

Ean Jackson,
Host of Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 & Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

How to Share Your Resolutions

  • log in to this website.  (Get a username and password here.)
  • in the section below your user name under "create content", click on "blog entry"
  • give it a title like "Ean's Resolutions 2011"
  • select "Contests and Challenges" from the drop down-menu
  • enter your sports-related resolutions for the upcoming year
  • save your resolutions by pressing "Submit"
  • your submission will immediately appear under "Recent Blog Posts" in the right hand column of the website.
  • Sibylle will add a link to your blog post to the New Year's Resolution Contest page with everyone else's. This might take a couple of days.
  • when you accomplish an item on your list, you blog an update (make sure you choose "New Years Resolution" from the drop down menu)
  • If you have grief doing this, contact Sibylle!

How The Contest Works

  • contest starts at the start of the year. Log your resolutions on this site up to when the corks pop at midnight 31 December. (You can log your resolutions any time during the year, but to participate in the prizes, you have to get your resolutions in by New Years Day.)
  • contest ends at the end of the year: Midnight on 31 December
  • resolutions should be sports-related, specific and measurable. For example, I will do a run in Hawaii gets a thumbs-down, but I will go to Hawaii and do the Ironman triathlon while I'm there is just fine!
  • you have to include your name with your resolutions. (To make sure your pals don't invent funky resolutions and sign them with your name, we will ask everyone who participates to get a username and password on this site. It's easy and it's free.)
  • everyone who shares their resolutions will be contacted next January and asked to evaluate how well they did. This will be totally on the honor system. Please don't change your resolutions during the year. Naysayers, and members of the peanut gallery are encouraged to add their comments over the course of the year
  • those who achieved their goals will not only glow with a sense of self-achievement, they will be the envy of their friends, fellow Club Fat Ass members and anyone else who is curious enough to visit the website
  • Anyone is welcome to participate in the contest. 
  • thanks to Kintec, there is a prize to the Club member who comes closest to achieving their resolutions. 


  • if you hope to win something, you should only list those resolutions that you feel you have a reasonable chance of achieving during the calendar year
  • obviously, the more resolutions you list, the tougher it will be to achieve them all. If you are a Club Fat Ass member and aiming for a prize, the Club will give more credit and cut more slack for you on judgment day if you list a lot of resolutions