New Years Resolution Contest - 2010

It's never too early to think about New Year's Resolutions...

As the annual odometer gets closer to rolling-over, I've been thinking about what I can still do to achieve the fitness goals I set out for myself at the start of this year. This got me thinking about what I'll do to keep my sorry ass moving in 2010.

Given that I plan to once again host a little resolution run on New Years day, I figured I'd also once again offer my guests, and anyone else who is interested, a place where they can log their 2010 fitness resolutions.

You can look at this as a goal-setting tool, as a way to keep yourself honest or as a contest to see how close you come to meeting your goals. More information at New Years Resolution Contest Rules.

May you achieve all of the goals you set for yourself!

The winner of the 2010 New Year's Resolution Contest will receive a Sole Footcare Package from our business member Kintec Footlab / Sole.

Ean Jackson,
Host of Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50 & Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

PS Anyone who is signed up to the online clubhouse (Club Fat Ass member or not) can log their goals and/or enter the contest.  Kintec Footlabs has again offered a prize to the Club member who comes the closest to achieving their goals for 2010.

PS If you resolve to start the new year with a run, please join me for a 50K on New Years Day


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Hi Claudia,  Can I ask you

Hi Claudia, 

Can I ask you to rate yourself on your 2010 resolutions.  Ideally, I'd like to get percentage points to be able to compare everybody.

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