Vancouver 100

1 Jun 2013 05:00
2 Jun 2013 05:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

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Set out this morning just

Set out this morning just before 8:00am, which turned out to be way to early, and made my way through our quiet North Vancouver neighborhood up to Cleveland Dam.  There, I waited for a while with the one women crews of Michael and Dave, saw them trot in and then set out up Nany Green Way to the bottom of the Grouse Grind.  A few happy faces greeted me as I slogged up and the V100 runners came down: Carolyn, Shem, Paul Eric B. and Eric R.  
There was a mob scene at the start of the Grind (reinforced my reasons for not doing the Grind) as I waited for other runners to pop out of the BP trail onto the road for the descent to Cleveland Dam.    Bloody kneed and somewhat in pain, Neil finally showed up and I ran back down with him to his support vehicle near the Dam.  As he kept running, I joined the crowd around Scott, who was waiting for Ken and Jackie.  
Apparently, the duo was way behind schedule, but eventually, they came in, happily chatting away.  As they continued on the BP westward with their newly found crew, I greeted Sam, who was aiming to catch up to Ken and Jackie and then set off back home through neighborhood roads.  
My total run was 10.3 km stretched out over a 2h time frame - lots of waiting cheeky

Twitter hashtag is Vancouver100 for updates on runners. Go out and run with them throughout the day.  

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