Anybody want some gently used socks??

Anybody want some gently used socks?? Free to good homes, I have TOO MANY. None worn more than a few times. Mostly running / biking / snowboarding socks from MEC. Brands / Made in / Fabric: Injinji/US/bamboo, Bridgedale/UK/wool, Teko/US/wool, Balega/SA/bamboo-cotton. Send me an email to my telus.net account, teagirl@ etc.

Wipe Out

It was surprisingly fresh when a group of eager runners assembled at the bottom of (the trail section) of Mountain Highway for the spring Mountain Highway Madness.  A few keen souls had signed up for 2 loops at 15km each, but most were more modest and happily aimed for 1 loop up the gravel road to the quarry and back.  "Would there be snow?" was the big questions.  After the  the torrential rains and warmth of several Pineapple Express weather systems, the only one believing we would encounter snow was Mike, our event host.

Burnaby Lake 50K Results - March 2013


Sport Massage Therapy

Athletes are always at an increased risk of suffering from an injury. This is where massage therapy comes to the rescue of the sports persons. Massage therapist and their various movements and techniques are used, in order to manipulate the tissues of the body, such as, stroking, kneading, stretching, pumping, creating a pressure on the trigger points so it can create more blood flow to the area of need. These sports massage techniques are known to have many advantages for the athletes and aid in improving upon their performance as well.

Burnaby Lake 80K Results - March 2013


Reasons to Run Spaghetti Trees This Year! Victoria, BC Awesomeness!

Come run Spaghetti Trees this year! And enjoy some other Victoria, BC awesomeness!

I can't wait to get back to East Sooke! I had a break from hosting last year but now I'm back and really excited. I love running on the North Shore, but the Spaghetti Trees trails are so different and gorgeous and amazing and I love them and I miss them (we moved to North Van from Victoria in 2011, so now I only run in Victoria for CFA events - but hey, what a good reason to visit!).

Runner's Knee

Imbalance of the muscles, misalignment of the knee cap and the other bones of the knee, excessive use and stress leading to wear and tear of the cartilage of the knee joint, trauma caused to the knee joint and problems of the feet along with weak thigh muscles are among the causes of the runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is also referred to as chondromalacia of the knee cap. If the knee is over-pronated or there is imbalance in the muscles, one may suffer from this condition.

James' 2013 Resolutions

1.  Run negative splits

2.  Spearhead Traverse

3.  Clear floppy bunny (including entry ramp) on my mountain bike

4.  Try not to get injured

5.  Tick off five more north shore peaks

6.  2 x marathon or ultras

7  1 x really long run - may be the full moon frenzy

Common Running and hiking injuries (Plantar Fasciitis)

One of the common injuries during running or hiking is plantar Fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue in the bottom of the foot. Symptoms in acute stage would be a constant pain and pain by weight bearing on the effected foot.

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