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Fat Asses in Hawaii

Club Fat Assers at Diamond Head

Just a quick update to let you know that a small but fun bunch of the local
Club Fat Assers left the cold and snow on the ground a week or so back and
went over to warmer climates for some training er... running. We all planned
our winter warm weather escape and went and ran the Honolulu International
Marathon, held December 10th. Everyone with our group finished the marathon

New Event, Run to the Clouds... it is happening!

Hi folks,

Well, for any of you that have not heard yet the Coquitlam Club Fat Ass crew are putting on a new event here in the Tri Cities area in about 2 short months. April 22nd is the date to keep clear on your calendar. You will not want to miss this one...

Shirt Tales - chronicles of a Club Fat Ass shirt

Following my last outing (New Years Day CFA-50) I figured I might be shelved forever or worse, tossed into a bag for a local charity to pick up. Luckily, I was simply laundered and shelved. I felt like a benched athlete. Hey… it wasn’t my fault the Fat Ass 50 hadn’t gone as planned, don’t take it out on me buddy. Then, things started to look up. 10 short days later I was pulled off the shelf and tossed into a big bag. This wasn’t a small gym bag it was a big rolling tote bag. We were going on a road trip! Yahoo, where we going, where we going??

The next I new I was being unloaded in a hotel room somewhere. My running buddy Garmin told me that he had checked with the satellites and we were now in southern California. Cool. I had only been down here once before and that was a couple of years ago. Oh man, was it ever good to see some sunshine after 25 or so days of rain back at home. Also, being a short sleeved shirt in Vancouver is a huge disadvantage. Cooler temps and lots of rain mean less play time. I seem to get shelved a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to live down here all the time…

Fat Ass 2006... WOW !! I need a bigger shovel

If I am going to "dig deeper" (or better yet dig a hole to crawl into and die) I am going to need a bigger shovel, cause this ain't working now... Those were just some of the thoughts rolling through my head from about the 40 km mark on...

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