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Anyone need a lap run at the enduro??

I was wondering if anyone needed a lap or 2/3 run at the enduro next weekend?  I am planning on being in town if work cooperates with me.  The only guarantee I can give is that I will make it around.  I was planning on doing 2-3 laps anyway and willing to do the run as a team member if anyone else wants to run some of it.

First bear of the year

Saw my first black bear of the season and thought it deserved an entry.  I was running on one of my favourite trails out of Pemberton and came across a young juvenile bear.  It (I didn't think it appropriate to determine gender)as walking up the trail as I was headed down.  We eyed each other up and he decided I was more imposing/impressive?!  It may have helped that I was dressed in black as well.

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