New Year's Resolutions 2014 - Marc Schmitz

Here is my 2014 Goldilocks list. Not too long, not too short. Just right.

1. Run my first 50miler (most likely Sun Mountain in Winthrop, WA in May)

2. Volunteer at 2 races (I am thinking Tenderfoot Boogie and maybe Dirty Duo, but I am flexible on that)

3. Bag 10 new to me peaks in the Bagger Challenge

4. Complete a total of 3 Ultras

5. Host 10 Club Fat Ass Flash events in 2014, since I failed to achieve that goal in 2013


My long term goals remain again nearly unchanged:

1. Run a Boston qualifying Marathon time before I turn 40 (just over 3 years left to go here). Alternatively I shall be satisfied with a sub 6 hour Knee Knacker or sub 6 hour Frosty Mountain since I seem to be unwilling to train much on the road)

2. Finish bagging 50 different peaks by the time I turn 45 ... what the heck ... let's aim at completing them all even though new ones keep being added

3. Complete the West Coast Trail in a single day by the time I am 50  - or alternatively do it in multiple days with my family (I might get it done way sooner, but as a guy with a young family I'd rather pace myself)


Happy, healthy, active 2014 to everyone.