Fat Ass Knee Knacker Fundraiser / Adopt a New Knacker

I registered for this years Knee Knacker which will also be my first Ultra marathon (so much for picking an easy one to start out).

They started raising funds this year for North Shore Rescue which I think is an awesome organization. I am planning to do my volunteer hours for the race, but I would enjoy being involved in putting on a CFA fundraiser for North Shore Rescue too. Therefore I am looking for fellow CFA Knackers who are interested in helping to organize something together. Maybe a flash event with a silent auction and a banquet / pub night afterwards or something like that.

I would also appreciate some pearls of wisdom from some of the more experienced Ultra runners around here.

I am pretty confident that I will be able to put in the required foot work before the event to get my endurance to where it needs to be.

I did runs up to 4 hours in duration in the past and a few 3 hour ones more recently. I will just have to figure out a few things that will work well for me in terms of fuel beyond that. I can not down a Gatorade or a gel for the life of me so I have to find good options (ideally some of the things readily available at the aid stations) to keep my energy up.

I can think of a bunch of other questions to ask, but I’d much rather do that during a training run. I am planning to do my long runs on Sunday mornings and start increasingly early as it gets bright out earlier in the mornings.

I know you guys are out there and I know you are running. So let me know if you are ever up for a longer Sunday early morning run.



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Fundraising Thoughts

Hey Marc,

Here are some ideas on how to leverage a free event to raise funds that have worked for other members:


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Congrats on making it through the first obstacles!

Hey Marc,

It's getting tougher and tougher to finish a Knee Knacker.  First you have to buck up and register, then you have to win the lottery... THEN you have to run the distance in under 10 hours!  I've completed it a few times.  Best organized, tough trail run you will likey ever find that passes through your back yard.  Tough first ultra, though.  Good on ya.  Ski season over soon, so I look forward to some Sunday morning runs with you.


WRT North Shore Rescue, most folks have no idea how much NSR deserves our support... until they need help.  Can also offer some thoughts and help regarding fundraising for NSR, as I've orgainzed a few myself.  

The Club and NSR have also done several speaker events together.  

Here's one where Allan McMordie, who has participated in over 1000 rescues during his tenure with NSR, spoke.  We passed around the hat and NSR raised $100:  http://www.clubfatass.com/backcountry-preparation

Here's another Allan did on using a GPS in the backcountry:  http://www.clubfatass.com/events/speaker-night-gps-seminar

Kintec has always supported speaker events with a great venue and all of the projectors and stuff.  Happy to discuss and will make the time to help you in any way I can.


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How do you think this would fly?

Here are a few of the ideas I am entertaining.

I am thinking of something like an amazing race or a scavenger hunt, maybe with gps coordinates, you would have to make your way to one check point where you get the coordinates for the next location. I was thinking maybe 5 check points approximately 5k apart with a three checkpoint shorter option.

After party at a pub while I am hoping for them to donate 10% of our tab for NSR, plus we can do a 50/50 draw and the entry to the event would be by donation. I am not sure if it would make sense to still squeeze a speaker, auction or guest appearance in there, but those are the rough ideas I am having so far.

Maybe by bouncing them around between a few people a couple of times we could tie down some details.


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