2013 New Year's Resolution Evaluation - Marc Schmitz

Here is how I did with my fitness related resolutions in 2013. I better evaluate them before this fine website gets archived and frozen in time. It's not like there is much time to do anything about any unfinished business anyway:

1. My first goal is to improve my 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon and 50k time by an average of 15%

This project I already started by running a faster 10k in October at one of the MEC Fall Classic races.

I ran a total of 1 Marathon, 2 1/2 Marathons and 1 50k in total so far (I guess I race a little less than most). The First two are a while back and the 50k included a big elevation change, so I need a big improvement for that distance to reach my overall goal.

Previous 10k best: 48:41 New best: 43:35 Improvement: 10.48%

Previous 1/2 Marathon best: 1:49:21 (2003)

Previous Marathon best: 3:52:41 (2007)

Previous 50k best: 6:52:45 (Frosty 2012  - Good luck to me in the New Years Day 50k - like I said I need a big percentage improvement here to reach my average of 15%)

Oh, by the way. I am so not excited to be running two road races in 2013, but I feel I should post decent times for Marathon and Half so I don't need to do it again anytime soon and can stick to the trails :-)

I did manage to achieve this goal. My average improvement was just over 16%. I feel like I ran a great (for me) 1/2 Marathon at just over 1:34, but I think I could do a little better in a full Marathon after finishing in just over 3:32 the last time. I just don't seem to be able to convince myself to do long training runs on the road.

Points: 10/10

2. Complete 2 out of town Club events - I am hoping for Squamish Scrambler and Spaghetti Trees (or maybe maybe Marathon Shuffle again if the other two don't work out)

I only managed 1 out of town Club event - The Squamish Scrambler (which is an awesome event by the way and it's on the calendar again for 2014). I did however complete 3 out of town races (Chuckanut 50k, Frosty Mtn 50k and Victoria Marathon), which I feel makes up for the second CFA out of town event. Therefore I will give myself full points here.

Points: 10/10

3. Volunteer or collect garbage while participating in CFA events on 5 occasions throughout the year (Contemplating to volunteer at Diez Vista - I am really sad I missed the sign up for that one)

As of right now I collected 4 garbage points and I volunteered at Diez Vista with my daughter, which makes for a point landing on this one here. By the way - this time I didn't miss the sign up for the Diez Vista race. I am looking forward to participating in the event in April.

Points: 10/10

4. Continue to meet great people through the Club - to make it measurable I will say: Bag at least 10 peaks with a total of 10 different Bagging buddies - So you guys better let me know if you are heading out for bagging adventures

I achieved this one fair and square. Any doubts were eliminated during the Fromme mob bag during the fall Mountain Highway madness. I surpassed my modest bagging expectations too and ended up bagging 20 peaks this season.

Points: 10/10

5. Finally try cross country skiing this season - at least two times ( I keep wanting to, but I fail to do so) and have a total of 6 snow adventures (up from 4 in 2012)

Knocked that one off too. I made it out on skate skis twice last season and it was a thoroughly humbling experience, which I might or might not repeat this season.

Points: 10/10

6. Host 10 Seymour Sunday (or Saturday) Flash Events  throughout the year, mainly during Winter and Spring, host a successful North Shore Enduro and help out on the steering committee

I did host a successful Enduro (which I will host again on the first Sat of May 2014) and made a couple of modest contributions on the steering committee. I did fall well short in the Flash Event department, since I only hosted 4 rather than 10.

Points: 6/10

7. Maintain a clean vegetarian diet without having to struggle to do so (very little refined foods, gmo-foods , alcohol, white sugar and flour; no coffee) resulting in getting my weight down by the time my birthday rolls around (End of April) - This is the one I failed to accomplish in 2012, so this year it's personal

My diet has been better and cleaner than it has ever been before and I keep trying to improve it. I eat mostly vegan these days and my weight and energy levels are good. Overall I am very happy.

Points: 8/10

Total Points: 64/70 or 91%