2008 December - Foolish Gerbil Twelve Hour Trail Run - Results

December 6 - 14 starters

There were not as many participants as in the six hour version of this run.  I'm don't know if that was because of the ridiculously early start time, the weather or perhaps some of the runners in the previous version have simply concluded that running with Fools is not really an experience that they want to repeat.

It was a treat to have some out-of-town friends join us. 

Van "Pigtails" Phan drove up in the morning from Maple Valley, south of Seattle.  For those of you who don't know Van, she is a phenomenally prolific marathon and ultra runner.  In 2006 she ran 53 marathons/ultras and won the 2006 Trail Runner Magazine Ultra Runner Series with 1462 points.  That was 561 points more than her nearest female competitor and 888 more than the nearest male.  In 2006 she also kicked my butt at the Lost Soles 100 Mile Race, taking first place in the women's division and fifth place overall.  She finished 33 minutes ahead of me, a humbling experience.

Lorie Alexander and Barry Hopkins drove from Kelowna, risking their lives on the Coquihalla Highway to join us.  Both of their names appear frequently in Ultra race results.  Lorie recently completed two 100 miler races on consecutive weekends.

Claudia Bullington did 43 K and qualified to become a Marathon Maniacs member.  She joins at least one other CFA member, Gilles Barbeau, in that distinction.  Being a Maniac beats being a Fool I suppose, although Gilles seems to be hedging his bets.

Kirsten Ramage came out and ran 30 K in the morning and returned in the late afternoon to drag one Fool along for the last 20.5 K if his run.  Thanks Kirstin, I really appreciate your help.

Thanks to all who braved the mud and somewhat cold and miserable weather.  Stay tuned for details of the next event in the Foolish Gerbil series, a 24 hour run on the weekend of January 17/18.

Name   Distance Time 
 Karl Jensen  85.5 K


 Chad Hyson  70.0 K


 Gilles Barbeau  70.0 K


 Lorie Alexander  51.5 K


 Barry Hopkins  51:5 K


 Kirsten Ramage  50.5 K


 Van Phan  50.0 K


 Baldwin Lee  50.0 K


 Arthur Gee  50.0 K


 Claudia Bullington  43.0 K


 Ran Katzman  40.0 K


 Jennifer McGrath  40.0 K


 John Machray  40.0 K


 Phil Waters  33.0 K



great seeing everyone!

Thanks for allowing me to get my running fix! Yes it was cold and wet, but good to see all the warm smiles! Thanks to Claudia for keeping me company for three loops. I would have tried to stay longer, but I had to get back as soon as possible home only to get stuck at the border for 1 1/2 hours! And I didn't even bring my UR magazine to catch up on my reading. Looking forward to joining you all in future CFA events! Good luck in your future races. We're always training for something, aren't we?


Fun in the rain

Thanks, Fools, for organizing a run that gave me the opportunity to try out night running (well, maybe it wasn't night, but it was dark) on a non-technical course!  Karl, I was happy to join you at the end of the day, although I know you would have wrapped up 12 hours in excellent form even if I hadn't been there!  Kirsten
Sibylle's picture

Sorry, I couldn't join

Sorry, I couldn't join you.  I ended up running puny 90 min in my neck of the woods just before it got dark yesterday.  Congrats to everybody participating and hanging in there, miserable weather, mud and all. 

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