2008 November - Foolish Gerbil Six Hour Trail Run - Results

23 November 2008 - 22 Starters

It was great to see so many new faces at the start of the run.  I regret that I wasn’t able to run and chat with all of you.  It was especially nice to see an “old” face that has recently been missing in action.  Gilles has been out with sciatica and made his CFA comeback in style, running five big loops and one small one for a total of 51.5 K in 5:53.  Welcome back Gilles.  Kirsten came out intending to run just one or two loops, but did a bit of bonus distance on the first loop and then got connected with a couple of Fools.  She did a total of 52 K in 5:53. 

Gilles and myself decided to do the second loop in reverse because we got tired of only seeing the backsides of the speedy kids: Chad, Ran and Rick.  The scenery didn't improve.  However, this was a learning experience because we discovered that doing the big loop counter-clockwise was more enjoyable.

It seems that quite a number of people put in some bonus distance.  That was in most cases a result of the foolproof directions being somewhat vague for the section between the Camoson and the intersection of the Salish and Clinton trails.  We will fix that for the Twelve Hour version.  Our apologies to all.  Please read the motto. As an accountant I insist on accuracy, so I’ve added an extra 1 K to those who indicated that they did a bit extra but didn’t know the distance.

I hope to see all of you again in a couple of weeks for the twelve hour version.

 Name Distance  Tme
 Karl Jensen  53.0 K  5.56
 Kirsten Ramage  52.0 K  5:53
 Gilles Barbeau  51.5 K  5:53
 Arthur Gee  51.5 K  5:54
 Chad Hyson  50.0 K  4:14
 Paul Young  45.0 K  5:45
 Jennifer McGrath  43.0 K  5:10
 Ran Katzman  40.0 K  3:20
 Rick Arikado  40.0 K  3:42
 Claudia Bullington  31.5 K  3:20
 Philip Waters  31.0 K  3:15
 John Machray  31.0 K  3:19
 Lorraine Suomi  21.0 K  2:20
 Marguerite Stolar  21.0 K  2:35
 Baldwin Lee  20.0 K  1:51
 Sibylle Tinsel  20.0 K  2:16
 Cynnimon Rain  20.0 K  2:27
 Rhonda Schuller  20.0 K  2:27
 Cheryl Johnson  20.0 K  2:43
 Jessie Marches  10.1 K  1:00
 Pam Keck  10.1 K  1:00
 Helen T.  10.0 K  0:49



Liked the course

A fun day. My time for 2 laps plus a little add-on was 2:43. I somehow managed to see the half way point at Marine Drive twice on the second lap and really liked the Hemlock Trail though it's not on the course. Guess we have proof that I'm a talented fool!

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