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Calling all Fat Asses!

If you haven't already made plans for this Saturday, come on down to B'ham for the 3rd annual Chuckanut Calf Cramper! It promises to be a blast with a forecast of mixed sun and clouds and cold beer at the finish! The course this year will include screaming down the new Raptor Ridge connector trail. I know some of you are signed up for Dan Probst's 10 miler the following weekend, so you're excused from this one. But I'd love to see everyone else!

Genissa and Sivo, the Weimaraner

What's everyone doing on Saturday the 26th?

If you answered "Running the Chuckanut Calf Cramper" then you are correct! If not, I suggest push ups as punishment. Lots of them.

The courses will be finalized and posted by the 19th (one week prior to the event).

Until then, I'll pray for sun!

Genissa and Sivo, event hosts.

Don't forget to put the Chuckanut Calf Cramper on your run calendar for Saturday, May 28th!

This year's course will feature more runnable terrain than last year's ridiculously steep course! We'll hope for great weather and awesome views of Bellingham Bay, but take whatever comes our way! I'll have updated course details listed by the end of April, so start getting your carpools together!


"RAIN POSSIBLE" for the Calf Cramper on Saturday!!!

Come on down to Bellingham for a chance to get muddy and tone those calves! Options for getting here easily include carpooling with Reagan from Vancouver Saturday morning or walking on the ferry to Anacortes Friday afternoon with Katie and staying at my house (I will pick you up at the Rockfish grill in Anacortes). Hope to see you all here! Genissa

Transportation across the border for the Chuckanut Calf Cramper...

Hey Ya'll,

Katie and I have been discussing options for getting people across the border without hassles on the weekend of the 21st, 22nd. A couple of options are to walk on the Ferry to Anacortes or bike/walk across the border at Blaine. My boyfriend, Brent, and I will be available to pick people up. Please go to the Calf Cramper website to join the discussion and we'll get some plans solidified by the middle of May. Also, plenty of room for people to stay at my house Friday night.


Course route posted for the Chuckanut Calf Cramper!

Happy rainy Sunday everyone! I've just posted a basic course description for the Chuckanut Calf Cramper. I will add more detail as soon as I've got all my "Left/Rights" straightened out! This run will feature awesome views of Bellingham Bay from the Ridge Trail, and cold homebrew beer on tap at the finish. Get your carpooling buddies together and sign up now!

See you in May! Genissa

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Genissa's 2010 Resolutions: Running and Beyond...

Hey everyone, here is my darling little list of resolutions big and small:

1. Chuckanut 50k (March 20th): Finish in under 7 hours

2. Lake Stevens Half-Ironman (August 15th): Finish. Period. Preferably without dying along the way!

3. Run enough that I don't have to worry about what I eat!!!

4. Participate in several CFA events and get to know other club members.

5. Create a second event down here stateside (because the Galbraith Mtn Tour was so much fun!)

I look forward to running with you all in the new year!



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