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Faith's Resolutions

  • Complete Fat Ass 50 on New Years Day. This will be my first one.
  • After a week or so recovery from the New Years Run – start back on Tri training
  • Bike Saturday or Sunday and do at least two indoor biking sessions weekly on my wind trainer.
  • Continue to do core strength work out 3 days per week and try to increase to 4
  • Continue to run 2 short (10 – 15km) fast & easy runs, 1 long and 1 interval run per week
  • Improve my swim time to 45 minutes for 2km swim
  • Do minimum 2 swims per week.
  • Try snow shoeing – I received a gift certificate for my last birthday.
  • Take pictures of all my buddies doing the First Half half marathon February 13th and remember to turn the camera on this year.
  • Capilano Canyon Night run Feb 18th
  • UBC Triathlon March 11th –Sprint distance
  • March 26th World Run 50 km (If I’m not swamped with wedding stuff since my daughter’s wedding is on April 1st (Yep April Fools Day)) -  Try not to cry at the wedding!
  • Ski at Whistler for a couple a days after the wedding
  • Stay injury, crash and fall free and try to lose my nickname of “Crash Wells
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