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Wise Words from Sgt Esterhaus

For those of you too young to remember it (Showing my age a bit here), that's from Hill Street Blues and the phrase was "Hey, let's be careful out there"

This Saturday past, we were up Grouse for an exceptional morning of showshoe running. Beautiful day if a little icy. We headed up and over Dam and then swung back towards the chalet. There was talk of heading down Thunderbird ridge, but it technically wasn't opened yet and there were zero tracks, so the opting was to do the lap of the Blue Grouse Loop instead. 

Seems Daunting When You List Them All Out

It really does seem daunting looking at them all. As I was scribbling them out, I got the warm fuzzy feeling, but as I look at the entire list, its a little more chilling than I thought it might be. Ah well .... looking forward to the challenge


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