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James' 2013 Resolutions

1.  Run negative splits

2.  Spearhead Traverse

3.  Clear floppy bunny (including entry ramp) on my mountain bike

4.  Try not to get injured

5.  Tick off five more north shore peaks

6.  2 x marathon or ultras

7  1 x really long run - may be the full moon frenzy

De Pencier Bluffs

Sometimes it is better to forge your own path and sometimes it is better to follow the map.  Tonight it was better to follow the map but we chose not to.  Looking at De Pencier from the first bump we were pretty certain we could see a good route and set off.  Getting closers we were keen not lose any height so we kept heading directlyish until we reached a cliff and Geoff and I decided Stetson wasn't going to be able down climb it (being a dog) so we went for a bush wack and got out of the main obstacle without incident.  Getting back to the marked trail we got to th

Seymour Bag


A sunny day on Seymour for Stetson the mountain hound.

Mount Fromme - Victoria Day

After having the long weekend cut short by rain what better way to celebrate the holiday that a bit of peak and bagging and I had never been to Fromme so where better to start.

The route.

1. Parked at the junction of Dempsey / Bramear.

2. Dempsey Trail to St Mary's to St Georges to Per Gynt.

3.  It was really raining alot by the time we got the mountain highway.

4.  Found the quarry and took Bills trail from the North East corner (green piece of flagging tape)

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