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Anybody going to Chuckanut got a spot?

Hoping to carpool down to Chuckanut, if anybody has a spot I can pitch for gas. Let me know if you've got some room. I can get pretty much anywhere in North Van/Burnaby/Vancouver. Thanks.

So I Started Taking a Performance Enhancing Drug

For a long time I have struggled with injuries and muscular imbalances, as well as cramping during races. Sometimes the cramping has been so extreme - total Charlie Horses that send the muscle popping out of my leg in a huge lump - that I have gone crashing to the ground and then been unable to get up for several minutes. This has been the case in every Knee Knacker I've done, as well as my last two races the Dirty Duo 50K and Marathon Shuffle.

Pitt River Hot Springs on foot?

Anyone want to attempt the Pitt River Hot Springs next Friday (May 7th)?

I want to try an untried route near Pinecone lake.  There are a few possible options including following the creek in the valley (I think about 4 km bushwhack from the lake to logging roads on the other side, approx. 10 km total) or a ridge above it which may be easier going (check out Seed Peak or Pinecone Lake hike in 101 hikes or pictures of those hikes on Club Tread - although we would start from a differrent point and take a different trail the area looks worhtwhile to check out anyway). 

Ultralight backpacking gear for multi-day runs

When I began to formulate a plan to run from Powell River to Vancouver, following a route which has never been completed in its entirety, in an unprecedented length of time, it became clear that gear was going to play a major role.

First Bagger Rights? Complete Traverse of the Needles via Lynn Ridge from Lynn Peak to Coliseum Mountain

On Sunday I set out on an extreme route through the North Shore Mountains.  The first thing I should say is that while there are sections of the Needles which I highly recommend - particularly the part from Lynn Peak up to the South Needle and the Hydraulic Creek trail down to the Seymour Valley Trailway which have been recently cleared and excellently flagged by some hikers who deserve major kudos - but that at this point I could not recommend this route in its entirety to anyone.  The climb down to col from there and the climb up to the next peak are a worthwhile addition if you

Party Saturday night @ Billy Bishop Hall (Laburnum near Cornwall)

Featuring my band Santa Lucia and some great speakers.  Admission by donation to Damian Kettlewell's campaign.  Come out if you can!


Squamish Scrambler on this Sunday

So the Squamish Scrambler is on for this Sunday.  For those who have done it before the only real difference is that you will have to rent your own snowshoes (NSA $10, or Cove or Deakin).

Hopefully I can arrange for a clear day and some spectaculra views (see Flikr page of previous years) but it will be great to get up on snow shoes none the less. 

Any newbies contact me with any questions you may have regarding the event or Sibylle with any club registration questions.

Campbell Mountain Race

Anyone interested in joining me for a trip out to Penticton this Sunday for the Campbell Mountain X-Country Race, which is a 6.5 km trail race? We could go for a longer run after if it is too short for you. The race starts at 10:00 so it would involve leaving before 6:00 AM Sunday morning. I can drive if anyone wants to join me post a reply. Ryan

My Strength Training Program

Full Body Strength Routine for Running/Triathlon

- this is a strength training program I have been working on for myself and have found it really beneficial so though I would share

- do as many reps of each exercise as you can, one set is fine

- focus on improving the quality (form and posture, and going deeper into each exercise as you progress), before focusing on increasing the quantity of reps

How to best not prepare for a trail run

After missing the club run on Saturday due to being sick, Sunday I was feeling quite a bit better and decided to head out for a run. I like to pack light so I stuffed some dog poo pickup bags into the pockets on my hand helds and my drivers license and car keys into my pants pocket. I decided I didn't have the space in my pocket for my usual array of safety gear when heading up into the mountains; a lighter. At least that way I can start a fire if I get stranded for some reason. I pulled my compass, which was hanging off the door handle, out of the way of the door as I closed it.

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