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Bill's Resolutions 2013

57 peaks in Bagger Challenge in 14 days, 7 of these to be non-motorized from home but may include ferries.

2 days of dedicated trail clearing / flagging

4 CFA running events

Amphibious non-motorized circumnavigation from home to Deep Cove to head of Indian Arm (packraft) to Squamish (MTB) return to North Van via Hwy 99, Hwy 1, and low road. Overnight trip with camping gear and no support.

4 Ski mountaineering trips

Garibaldi Neve ski traverse in a day from Diamond Head to Garibaldi Lake

Bagger Challenge in a Nutshell

I enclose a zip file containing tracks of the routes that will enable the initiated to complete the Bagger Challenge in 14 day trips. These are the culmination of 2 years of bagging and represent combinations of peaks that can be completed as day trips. Where possible I prefer to do circuits and have organized many of the trips in that way. In some cases the approaches to the trails may be driveable closer than is indicated. The routes all start from a paved road or parking lot.

TCT sections 4 to 7 tracks

Here are the tracks for the Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam sections of the Trans Canada Trail.

TCT 3 Vancouver track

Here's the TCT section 3 Vancouver track recorded on 2012-04-29.

Recorded TCT West Van / North Van section tracks

Here are the tracks from the West Van and North Van sections I completed on 2012-04-13 recorded with a Garmin Forerunner 305.

TCT North Shore GPX track

It took a lot of sleuthing to figure out the correct TCT hiking route across the North Shore. The most accurate and complete information seems to be in the Google Earth kmz file found on trailsbc.ca which I have converted to gpx format. The interactive map on the national site tctrail.ca is inaccurate and incomplete as are some of the other sources on the provincial site. The TCT continues south down Mosquito Creek bypassing the marina and eventually intersecting with the Spirit trail to the east.

Seymour Sweep

Seymour Sweep route map



Lynn and Needle Peaks

The full trip report including photos for the 2011-07-05 trip is here:


There are a total of 5 peaks along the Needles / Lynn Ridge with the most direct approach for all being from Hydraulic Creek. The generally recognized main summit of Lynn Peak is the one immediately south of the Hydraulic Creek drainage (the north peak). The one immediately beyond the viewpoint at the top of the Lynn Pk trail is referred to as "South Lynn Peak" on bivouac.com.

Gardner, Collins, and Apodaca (Bowen Island) in a day

With millions of dollars of satellite technology at my disposal I decided that these peaks would be safe and feasible to do as a solo triple day bag.

Distance: 39.5km, Time: 9:06:00, Elevation Gain: 1550m








Steps required for success:

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