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Andy's 2013 Resolutions.

Here I sit on the eve of the eve of another New Year, and I’ve decided to put down my Fat Ass goals for the year for the whole wide world to see. As a firmly entrenched Type B underachiever, my goals are neither lofty nor unattainable, yet I believe aiming for them over the course of the coming calendar year should serve me well.

I Kneeknackered Black.

I guess since I ran the Kneeknacker, I can lay claim to Black, although it sort of feels like cheating when there's people at the top filling your water bottle and snapping pictures...

Lynn in the bag.

My second peak of the year has been succesfully bagged. The snow is mostly gone above the last lookout (blink and you'll miss it...) and Lynn Peaking is as easy as it ever was. All that melted snow made for a couple nice mud pits along the way, and on the return trip I twisted my ankle as bad as I've ever twisted an ankle. Anyone have any intel on the sword and shield carved in the rock at the viewpoint?  

In Which I Accidentally Bagged Hollyburn.

Heading out from Cleveland Dam with the Kneeknacker training group, I hadn't planned on ending up on top of Hollyburn Mountain. As usual I started off too big for my britches and not long after all those wretched stairs up through the British Properties were behind us, I slowly but surely got dropped by the group I had been running with.

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