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Club Fat Ass on Strava

Setup a Club Fat Ass club on Strava for those who might be interested.  This is a free service; whereby, you can upload your runs, rides, hikes and other human powered endeavours.  I use a Garmin GPS but you can also download an app for iPhone or Android phone.  After uploading your trip to the webservice your route gets imposed on a Google terrain map and stats are included.  You can pay for a premium service if you want extra analysis and reporting.

MYM50 relay team mates needed.


Anne-Marie & I are signed up for the Meet Your Maker 50 Sept 1 & 2 in Whistler.  We were originally going to divide the distance in half but I injured myself a month ago and am just getting back to training.  So I can't ramp up to 30 mile shape in this short time.  We're looking for at least 2 more participants to join us.  Sign up deadline for relay teams is Aug 1st.  http://www.meetyourmaker50.com/race-info/schedule/

My man Van.

Thought I'd share something inspirational. This is what a client of mine is doing. His name is Van Barbre from Corona, CA and he started marathoning in 1999 at the age of 55. His aim for 2008 is to run a marathon a month. http://vanbarbre.blogspot.com/ Last Sunday he finished the San Francisco Marathon in 4:34:04 at 63 yrs young.

Cycle to Walk

Through my work, where we provide non-profits and charities the capability of accepting and generating online donations, I have a great opportunity to connect with some extraordinary people. Some of these people are doing amazing endurance events and I find these stories motivational so I'd like to share some of events with you from time to time. Check out what Ramesh Ferris is doing at www.cycletowalk.com

North Shore Bliss

Having been born at Lions Gate Hospital and having lived on the North Shore for all of my life it could be easy to take this place for granted. But I don't. I often hear of people complaining about the rain, the cold, the expense etc. I guess complainers are just complainers and I grew up in a family where complaining is a no no. (Unless of course you are standing in a gondola line up on a certain north shore mountain). My only complaint about today is that it's ending.

Walk In The Park 54 err 36

This fatass sure had his ass handed to him by Kenna Cartwright Park in Kamloops last Sunday. Walk In The Park?! That's what they call it. 3 laps of a steep 18 km course. Let me tell you for me it was no Walk In The Park. Actually on second thought that's what it turned into. At the 30 km mark I was walking and after the last lengthy downhill I basically walked to the start/finish. Congrats to the other fatasses who did well. It was great to see fimilar faces out there and I guess participating is what it's all about. Next year I plan to avenge this DNF.

Hanes Valley, North Vancouver

My brother (that Jurgen guy) and I ran this course on Sunday, July 29th.

Hanes Valley, North Vancouver, BC Canada
Start time 7 am PST Lynn Valley Headwaters
18.5 miles (29.8 km)
5 hours 35 minutes
Total Ascent 12,580 ft (3,834 m)
Total Descent 12.520 ft (3,816 m)
Elevation Gain 3,727 ft (1,129 m)

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