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de Pencier Bluffs (DEP) Adventure Diaper Bag with Jess

Earlier in the week, Jess and I were looking for some easy baggage to get in (with Sierra on back) on a Saturday morning before my son's soccer game a 2pm in North Vancouver.  Scanning our brand-new North Shore Trail Map (love it -- waterproof; tearproof; Sierra-proof), de Pencier Bluffs looked like a good choice.   On top of that, the weather forecast was continuing to look awesome for at least the next 7 days so we were hoping to get some good views in a direction we don't usually get. 

A “Nice” Run Around False Creek

Nice. Just got back from a run around False Creek after being away for the better part of two weeks in Costa Rica. Now, I’d didn’t expect the run to feel great as, while away, I only managed to get one run in – that being about 35 minutes of getting my butt kicked in 35 C degree heat with probably somewhere around 90% humidity (a run though a tropical rain forest – who’d have thought?). So, when I headed out around False Creek, I was hoping to just get the legs and lungs working again. No great expectations.

How to Run a 100-Miler -- for Dummies

How to Run a 100-Miler – for Dummies[1]

(like anyone else would try to run a 100-miler)

Leading up to my first 100-miler, I had a number of people[2] say to me “I’d like to run a 100-miler too but I don’t know how to go about it. What should I do?”

Well, now that I've successfully DNF'd / completed my first 100-miler, I thought I’d pass along some tips on how not to/to prepare for and complete a 100 mile race yourself.

Should Fat-Asses Date Fat-Asses?

Most of us are familiar with the debate over whether or not work colleagues should date one another.  Some say no.  Some say yes.  Some yes but only if they’re not already married to other people.  Yet others say work?  But tasteless jokes about small island nations like Newfoundland aside, I’m wondering if the same question should be asked about Fat-Asses dating Fat-Asses. 

Bill and Tim's Excellent Adventure

Sit down, grab a coffee.  This write-up turned out to be more of an epic than I expected.

Sometime during the week Tim tells me that Craig’s planned a Vancouver 100 training run to cover the route from the new start of the Knee Knacker (KKNSTR) to Cleveland Dam.  Apart from the training benefits, there are two main goals for this run: 1) familiarize ourselves with the new KKNSTR start (or the Vancouver 100 ½ way point, if you like); 2) check out the snow conditions on the top of Black and Hollyburn Mountains.  “Sounds like a great idea”, says I.  “As long as I can work out the kid arrangements, count me in.  Where do we meet and when?”  “We’re to meet at 7 am at Cleveland Dam Saturday morning and car pool it to the start.”  Huh?  7 am?  What kind of sick person would plan a training run for 7 am?  Tim, being the astute fellow that he is, manages to scrounge us up an extra ½ hour of sleep by arranging to have his amazingly accommodating wife Maureen drop us off at 7:30 at the start.  We’ll meet everyone else there. 

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