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Full Moon Frenzy 2013 - Race Report

After a course change due to political instability to our South, we ended up with 4 participats for the 2013 edition of the Full Moon Frenzy.  Returning champion & last year's King Of the Mountains, Alexis Guigue, proposed the idea to return to the Stein (after a failed plan in 2011 due to high snow).  We'd start at Lillooett Lake and finish in Lytton.  The upper Stein had apparently been "cleared" in 2012, so conditions should be "good" (foreshadowing).

Elsay Peak... and a few more


Peaks: DEP, SEY, RUN, ELS*

I had to be in Saskatoon for work on Saturday, and since there are no flights out of Saskatoon after 5pm, I woke up at 4:30am Saskatoon time to board an early morning flight.  I got back to Vancouver just after 8 and Maddy picked me up from the Skytrain with running stuff.  After a quick stop at Matchstick for MORE coffee (I still needed more after that) we were off to Deep Cove.

Maddy dropped me off so I could get the water bag, and she continued on up to the Deep Cove look out on Seymour.  I started around 10am.

Full Moon Frenzy 2012 Race Report


Alexis Guigue won the overall classfication cleanly & the KOM by way of tie-break in the first completed Full Moon Frenzy Ultra.

South Lynn Peak - Water Bag / Rob's first RUN

 I originally had big plans with my housemate Rob to go climb the N ridge or Roach this past weekend, but with a 100% chance of showers on Saturday and a deteriorating Sunday forecast for Lytton we stayed home and slept in Saturday.   But waking up in the city after planning to escape it made me antsy, so I managed to convince Rob to come on a run with me.
Rob had previously told me that he "didn't like running"
I told him he just didn't like running in Ontario on roads... BC is different.

TRIP REPORT: Howe Sound Crest Trail Epic - Porteau Cove to Cypress

So I finally got around to writing a report for my first oh so well attended CFA event.  We had a very select crew of 2 "run" the 37 or so kilometers of the HSCT.

Everyone finished at the same time and got a time of just under 9 hours (accuracy has never been one of my fortes).

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