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What's Cooking? Grilled, Marinated Vegetables

Club Fat Ass; Recipe Exchange; Sibylles Kitchen;Grilled Marinated VegetablesTonight we are having pork satays and grilled vegetables. Husband is doing the satay. I already marinaded pork cubes in orange juice and peanut butter. Up to him to turn the BBQ on and cook'em.
The grilled vegetable recipe is originally from my sisters kitchen. It's an easy, yummy way to prepare vegetables.

What's Cooking?

Planning the family dinner menu can be challenging , frustrating, joyful, relaxing, harried...

The "what's cooking tonight" blogs will deal with nutrition in our fast food world and document what my family is eating....or not. Sometimes it will be junk, other time gourmet, catering to the under 10 crowd in the house, our home stay student's preferences, or our need for comfort foods. I will serve family classics, old family recipes, whim of the moment creations - yummy or yucky, holiday food, elaborate dinner party menus and Kraft Dinner.

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