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Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

2011 - Year 8 - Bills Great Peak Results

Starter photo - 24 July 2011 - 20 Starters


2011 - Year 7 - Full Monty

 Finishers Photo - 16 July 2011


This was the first year that rain was a significant feature.

I was confused by the numbers of entrant this year, having check the website a couple of weeks back I though that I was going to get most, if not all the runners from last year plus four more.

Good Luck Knee Knackerers!

At the Club Fat Ass Steering Committee meeting last night, we noticed that 75% of the people in attendance were either running in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail run or volunteering for the race. 

2011 - Lord of the Loop(s) - Run Report

After last year's construction & the replacement of the historic Capilano River pipe bridge, the Lord of the Loops finally made it's return!

Fluffy Bunny 2011 - Results

18 June 2011 Starter Photo

L to R Standing: James, Jackie, Becky, Adam, Alan

L to R Squatting: Dave, Stenson the dog (sp?), Bill, and myself (Jess)


2011 Slack Ass

12 June 2011 - Slack Ass Start

Gardner, Collins, and Apodaca (Bowen Island) in a day

With millions of dollars of satellite technology at my disposal I decided that these peaks would be safe and feasible to do as a solo triple day bag.

Distance: 39.5km, Time: 9:06:00, Elevation Gain: 1550m








Steps required for success:

2011 Vancouver 100 starter photo

Thanks to all that participated in the 2011 Vancouver 100. Results and run report to come.

2011 Vancouver 100

4 June 2011 - Starter Photo in Deep Cove

2011 Vancouver 100 Event Report 

2011 - Chuckanut Calf Cramper

Report: Ah...the Chuckanuts! You just never know what the weather will do in the Spring here, but we got lucky! The temperature was perfect for running (50 something?) as a handful of hearty souls headed up the trail to Raptor Ridge. There were a few random, light showers, just enough to keep us cool. We got lucky up on Raptor Ridge, with a nice view of the mountains to the south that wasn't totally obstructed by clouds. It wasn't clear enough to see all the way to the Skagit flatlands, but still a pleasant view.

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