CFA Event Reports and Results

Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

The Bagging of Hanover


Jackson Points to the peak of Hanover

Since I first became aware of Mount Hanover, it has loomed large as peak I had to stand on top of.  

2012 - Year 9 - Fall Mountain Highway Madness

9 September 2012
Starters (photo sans Rachel, Killaine and Craig)

2012 Results - Go Home (not) Via The Hanes Valley

2012 - Year 11 - Capilano Midsummer Night Run

Full Moon Frenzy 2012 Race Report


Alexis Guigue won the overall classfication cleanly & the KOM by way of tie-break in the first completed Full Moon Frenzy Ultra.

Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run - 2012

2012-07-28 Starter Photo - 5 Starters  + injured Doug

2012 - Year 9 - Dave's Great Peak Results

Starter photo - 29 July 2012

Report: coming soon!

2012 - Year 8 - Full Monty

ReportI remember saying to Alan last year when three of us slogged it out in a torrential downpour, that if I had to run the Full Monty solo, that I would run it naked...Well, I lied!Mind you by the three quarter way point I hadn't seen a soul, then my possible streak was broken by a young couple of hikers with four dogs.

Fluffy Bunny 2012 - Results

16 June 2012

2012 Slack Ass

2 June 2012 - Slack Ass Start

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